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Veritas Technologies is a Top Player in the 2021 Radicati Group Market Quadrant for Information Archiving.


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Cloud-based archiving and eDiscovery

Compliance-ready Software as a Service Solution

Are you upgrading information governance practices or migrating from an on-premises archiving system? Veritas has helped thousands of customers successfully make the change. Enterprise Vault.cloud archives data held in cloud and on-premises resources like Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Google G Suite mail and other forms of unified communications and social media.

  • Ensures compliant regulatory retention practices and defensible eDiscovery
  • Preserves email and other unstructured data by policy, as journaled records in a high-availability repository, protected against deletion
  • Provides rapid search, legal hold, case management and eDiscovery workflow to reduce cost, and improve productivity of litigation support staff
  • Licensed as Software as a Service for a predictable monthly fee, stabilizing archiving costs, regardless of data growth

Veritas Information Classifier

Modern Classification Technology and Risk Detection.

Unparalleled classification technology focused on both ease of use, and on the scalability and performance required to classify large amounts of data quickly.

  • 987 patterns to detect sensitive data such as credit cards, genetic data as well as behaviors such as insider trading or ethics and code of conduct violations.
  • Language detection featuring 33 primary language detection policies.
  • Classify items using sentiment threshold with built-in Sentiment Analysis Engine.
  • 199 preconfigured policies that align directly to GDPR, CCRA, HIPAA, SOX, ITAR and other regulations relevant to different countries around the world.
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Veritas Advanced eDiscovery

One Platform. Complete Discovery.

Advanced eDiscovery is a comprehensive Discovery tool from Veritas that brings end-to-end defensible EDRM workflows to the cloud (SaaS).

  • Discovery against 120+ content sources with fully integrated Merge1.
  • Targeted Collections at time of Discovery + Proactive Collections via Journaling into EV.cloud.
  • Streamlined document review, including native Collaboration View (Teams) and Files View (OneDrive, SharePoint).
  • Advanced Early Case Assessment (ECA) to reduce code & effort via filtering/culling data across sentiment, topic extraction and classification intelligence.
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New in EV.cloud: Advanced Supervision

Leverage broad compliance management capabilities.

Advanced Supervision is a powerful new compliance solution for Enterprise Vault.cloud that reduces the cost and effort associated with monitoring electronic communications.

  • Classification driven supervision, allowing users to focus sampling by eliminating noise.
  • A modern user interface (UI) design and tabbed interface for easy navigation between preferred views.
  • Rapid review and automated sampling to focus on the most critical content.

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Enable Compliance and eDiscovery best practices

Archiving and eDiscovery for Microsoft 365 and Google G Suite

Whether your organization is private or public, Enterprise Vault.cloud provides a solution that ensures email retention compliance and downstream discovery.

  • Implement an automated retention policy that ensures consistent regulatory compliance practices across all users.
  • Enable rapid search, legal hold, collection, and review of massive amounts of stored information to shorten eDiscovery project times.
  • Provide legal hold and eDiscovery case management workflow to reduce costs and improve productivity.

Ensure a successful Microsoft 365 deployment

Choose a purpose-built governance platform

Enterprise Vault.cloud is compliance-ready, enabling organizations to satisfy retention and discovery requirements from the first day your organization’s Microsoft 365 service becomes operational.

  • Capture email as journaled records to ensure everything is captured and retained.
  • Search across millions of records in just seconds, and then progressively narrowing results to only what you want.
  • Create a positive archiving user experience that promotes staff self-service and reduces IT workloads.
  • Consolidate all archived information in a single repository with unlimited storage.
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Easily Review Microsoft Teams Collaboration History with Merge1

Rich native Microsoft Teams view

Enterprise Vault.cloud offers a seamless native view of the Microsoft Teams connector when paired with Merge1 enabling eDiscovery and information governance.

  • Navigate across the entire chat history in a native view for easy eDiscovery.
  • View and sort through reactions to messages.
  • Review embedded attachments in chat history.
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At Veritas, our customers’ success drives our own. Learn how Enterprise Vault.cloud enables organizations to regain control over their information ecosystem.


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