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Exploring the ransomware risks resulting from accelerated digital transformation in the wake of the COVID pandemic

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Globally, organizations estimate it will take another two years to eliminate the vulnerabilities they face today.

Like their global counterparts, United Kingdom enterprises have aggressively implemented new digital tools and cloud applications during the COVID-19 pandemic to support new ways of working and engaging with customers. But this accelerated transformation  toward an “always-on,” customer- and employee-centric organization has not been accompanied by effective data security measures and risk management.

This  means that U.K. enterprises have opened themselves up to a significant vulnerability lag, which IT organizations are scrambling to address. Additionally, enterprises  in the U.K. may be making an unnecessary trade-off  between cost and risk management. Many companies are allocating significant resources – people and funding – to address their vulnerability lag.


Ian Wood
Head of Technology, Veritas UK