Frequently Asked Questions

Australia Trading Entity Change

What are we doing?

Veritas is changing its current Australian, New Zealand and Pacific Islands trading entity from Veritas Storage (Singapore) Pte Ltd (a Singaporean Company) to Veritas (Australia) Pty Ltd (an Australian Company).

Business Rational for New Veritas Trading Entity

Veritas currently trades in the Australian, New Zealand and Pacific markets through its Singaporean entity, Veritas Storage (Singapore) Pte Ltd. In order to comply with Australian tax requirements, from 3 July 2017 Veritas will trade in the Australian, New Zealand and Pacific markets through Veritas (Australia) Pty Ltd (“the Change”).

Current Trading Situation

Veritas Storage (Singapore) Pte Ltd (Veritas Singapore) currently concludes sales contracts directly with Australian distributors, partners, and customers (collectively “Customers”). Veritas (Australia) Pty Ltd (Veritas Australia) is Veritas Singapore’s marketing representative for the Australian, New Zealand and Pacific markets to market and promote Veritas products and services to Customers.

Australian Tax law change

On 11 December 2015, the Australia government implemented the Multinational Anti-Avoidance Law (MAAL) which may apply to foreign multinationals who trade with Australian customers through a non-resident entity. The MAAL came into effect on 1 January 2016.

The manner in which Veritas currently sells to Australian customers may fall within the scope of the new law.

In response to this law change, Veritas is changing its current Australian business model, converting Veritas Australia’s role from a marketing representative to a distributor in Australia, and the change will be effective on 3rd July 2017.

Trading Situation from 3 July 2017 onwards

From 3rd July 2017, Veritas Australia will act as a non-exclusive distributor for Veritas Singapore and will be the contracting party for the sale of Veritas products and services to Customers in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific markets. This means that in future Customers located in these countries will enter into a sales contract directly with Veritas Australia. Veritas Singapore will remain the licensing entity.

Setting Veritas Australia up as a Vendor in your Systems

With the Change, if you buy direct from Veritas, Veritas realises that it needs to establish Veritas (Australia) Pty Ltd as a supplier with you promptly. Your Veritas sales representative will contact you with details to enable you to set up Veritas (Australia) Pty Ltd as the Veritas trading party in your supply system. Thank you in advance for your kind assistance to Veritas in this process.

Frequently Asked Questions


Buying Programs


Will the Veritas Australia Buying Programs require an agreement number?

Only new Veritas paper contracts will be issued a Veritas Agreement Number (VAN) at signing. For example, new Enterprise Flexible (eFlex) site license agreements, and VPA (Volume Purchase Addendum) contracts will have an associated VAN.  Orders placed against these contracts will require the assigned VAN to be included on the order.  Orders placed in the new standard transactional programs (Corporate, Academic, Government) will NOT generate agreement numbers.




Will the Change to Veritas Australia impact products and services?

No, there are no changes to products - these will remain available for you to order via your current ordering methods.


Quoting & Discounts


Who should I contact for quotes?

It is business as usual. Please continue to work with your Veritas Partner or Account Manager where appropriate.

Will the Veritas Australia quote document and its content change from the Veritas Singapore quote?

The only change to the quoting documents will be the change from Veritas Singapore to Veritas Australia.

What happens to existing Veritas Singapore new business quotes at cutover?

Quotes will be reissued under the Veritas Australia name after the cutover.




Need to know: Please note that while the effective date of the new Australia Buy/Sell entity is 3 July 2017, our systems requires 2 weeks to transition data from the old entity to the new entity.  Therefore, orders submitted to the Australia entity starting on 3 July 2017 will not be executed until 17 July 2017.  Orders will be accepted in our systems, but will be effectively “on hold” until 17 July 2017.  We appreciate your patience and understanding during this conversion period.  Please work with your Sales Representative if you anticipate a challenge with placing orders during this time.

When do the new ordering requirements take effect?

All direct orders after 3 July 2017 should be placed with Veritas Australia.

How do I submit an order to Veritas Australia?

Once Veritas Australia is setup as a vendor in your ordering system, there should be no change in how you submit orders.

How will matters such as request status, order expediting, special terms, SLAs be managed for Veritas Australia?

Veritas Australia will have similar process and standards for escalations and SLAs for handling of executable requests.




From what e-mail address will Veritas Australia electronically issue Veritas welcome emails/ certificates?

Veritas will issue electronic Fulfillment deliverables from

What are the Incoterms Terms for Veritas Australia?

For direct ordering customers, Veritas Australia Incoterms Terms are per your contract.

Where will Veritas Australia physical products ship from? Where do I send Veritas Australia Physical returns?

Veritas Australia will ship from and accept returns to the following location:

Veritas Storage (Singapore) Pte Ltd
c/o Teckwah Logistics Pte Ltd
#04-08/09, Pixel Red
51 Tai Seng Avenue
Singapore, 533941

Will Veritas Australia issue commercial invoices?

Yes, Veritas Australia will issue commercial invoices and packing list for international shipments.

How are appliance and box orders that booked but not yet fulfilled on 2 July 2017 going to be managed?

They will be managed via Veritas Storage Singapore.




Will license, maintenance/support and service entitlement information be visible in

Yes, entitlement data will continue to be available.

Will expiration date information remain the same?

Yes, all existing entitlement expiration dates will remain the same and will be visible as part of the entitlement record under the end customer's account in the Veritas Licensing Portal.

How can I view my entitlements?

End User license, maintenance/support and service entitlement data for all Veritas products and services will be available in the Veritas Licensing Portal at

Will the eFlex entitlement process change?

No, the process will not change. New and existing* eFlex contractual end customers will still have the same ability to download software license keys as they need them.

Will Veritas Australia provide me with Install Base (IBR)/ License Administration Management Portal (LAMP) Reports to show my entitlements?

Yes, reporting will be available.

How do I change End User Contact details when there is a need to add an End User Contact for a specific product?

Please contact Veritas Technical Support.

Am I able to search the Veritas Licensing Portal for validation of proof of purchase? What search terms can I use?

Yes, customers will be able to search their entitlements in the Veritas Licensing Portal. Searches can be performed by:

  • Entitlement ID
  • Product Name
  • Entitlement type
  • Service contract
  • Service type
  • Service Expiration
  • EFLEX contract
  • Partner account Number
  • IB Instance Number
  • Legacy Serial Number




How are license keys/files provided?

Veritas license keys/files are generated using the Veritas Licensing Portal, accessible at




Will existing customer maintenance/support contracts for Veritas products be converted to Veritas Australia with the same expiration dates?


Will there be any changes to my existing maintenance/support and service contracts for Veritas products as a result of migration/conversion into Veritas Australia?


Will my current POP for renewals change?

No. Current IB instance numbers and Service Contract numbers will not be changing.




When will I start to receive Veritas Australia invoices?

Veritas Australia will invoice all new orders and recurring subscription billings placed for Veritas products and services after 3 July 2017.

Existing billing cadences for Veritas Singapore products and services will be converted and billed from Veritas Australia.

What if my company requires that a new PO be issued to Veritas Australia to support recurring billings originally setup as Veritas Storage that will instead be invoiced by Veritas Australia?

You can submit a new or updated purchase order at any time for recurring billings after 3 July 2017 to:  This also applies to  Please reference the previous PO number and Service Contract in the email that this new PO applies to.

What will be different on my Veritas Australia invoice?

The entity information such as address will be updated to Veritas Australia, and the invoice will include the Veritas Australia remit-to and bank account details.

How will my open invoices with Veritas Singapore be handled after the conversion to Veritas Australia?

Any open invoices should be paid per the details indicated on the invoice.  Once you receive a Veritas Australia invoice, please make payments to the remit to bank indicated on the invoice.  Bank account & remittance details will be on each invoice. Follow the instructions on each invoice.




What information should I reference on my payments to Veritas Australia?

To process and apply your payment as quickly as possible on all payment methods, please provide the following four pieces of information on each payment:

  1. Payment Remitter Name: This should correspond to your Billing Account Name and will be located on the top left-hand corner of your invoice.
  2. Veritas Customer Number: Veritas Customer Number will be located in the top right-hand corner of your Veritas invoice.
  3. Veritas Invoice Number(s): This will be a 10-digit number which will be located in the top right-hand corner of your Veritas invoice.
  4. Veritas Invoice Net Amount: Stated in the currency of your invoice.

Will my current Veritas Singapore contractual payment terms be applied automatically to Veritas Australia orders?





Will I see any tax differences on my Veritas Australia invoices?

The relevant tax clauses existing in your Veritas Singapore contract remain unchanged, and will apply to your Veritas transactions when your contract is moved to Veritas Australia. Applicable taxes will appear on your Veritas invoice. Veritas will charge taxes on invoices in accordance with any local tax requirements as these requirements are updated by the jurisdictions under which we operate.

The Australia GST prevailing tax rate will be charged for goods and services purchased from Veritas Australia.

Will Veritas issue Tax Residency Certificates?

For Australian customers transacting with Veritas Australia, (a tax resident in Australia), there will not be any tax residency certificate issue to the customers.  However, tax residency certificate will continue to be issued to customers residing outside Australia, upon request from the customers. 


Trade Compliance


Will there be any changes to Trade Compliance regulations or processes?

Veritas will continue to subject Australian transactions (sell through Veritas Australia) against the required US and Singapore export controls.   Specifically, physical shipments continue to be fulfilled from Singapore and would be subjected to Singapore Customs’ regulations. For now, you may continue to refer to the Trade Compliance page on the Veritas site for policy and contact information:


Contract Management



What does this section address?

This section of our FAQs primarily addresses how we are planning to handle current contracts you have with Veritas Singapore as part of the Change.

In this section by “formal contract” we mean a signed and/or negotiated contracts rather than automated click through or certificate-based terms. Please note – a paper addendum to automated terms is considered a formal contract. By “other contracts” we mean all those contracts which are not formal contracts.

Veritas intends to move all formal contracts and other contracts from Veritas Singapore to Veritas Australia as part of the Change. This will enable Veritas and customers to continue to conduct business under the same terms as used before the Change.

Will existing Customer contracts with Veritas Singapore be transferred to Veritas Australia?

Yes. Veritas will move all contracts with Customers from Veritas Singapore to Veritas Australia on or soon after 3 July 2017.

Will Customers need to sign a new contract with Veritas Australia?

No, Veritas will send you a notification letter transferring Veritas’ rights and obligations from Veritas Singapore to Veritas Australia.

Which Veritas entity will be the licensor?

Veritas Singapore will remain the licensor.  Veritas Australia will be its distributor and will contract to supply the goods and services.

What Terms & Conditions will apply to purchases from Veritas Australia?

The same as apply currently in the customer’s contract with Veritas Singapore. The Veritas Licensing Programs (Corporate, Government, Academic) remain the same.

What if I have questions about my Veritas customer agreement?

Please refer to your partner or your Veritas Account Representative.

If I do not have a formal/paper contract, what happens to the Veritas products and services I ordered before the Change?

The Change does not change the nature of customers’ existing entitlements to license, support or services – those continue for their original duration, under their original terms and conditions. With the Change, Veritas Australia will become the distributor for all old and new licenses.  Also, all support arrangements will be transferred to Veritas Australia. On expiration, time-limited entitlements such as support and services will renew with Veritas Australia.

Are any prior support arrangements being assigned/transferred to Veritas Australia?

ASSIGNMENT NOTICE – Yes – on 3 July 2017, all previously-ordered technical support services and maintenance that extend beyond that date will be automatically transferred by Veritas Singapore to Veritas Australia.  Veritas Australia will assume all the obligations for performance of the assigned support/maintenance, and will renew support when it expires.




How will Veritas Australia treat my personal information?

Veritas’ data assets will be continued to be held by the Veritas group after the Change. This includes contact information, licensing information, customer support cases, etc. Veritas Australia will use this information to continue to provide licenses, maintenance/support or services. You can also refer to Veritas’ online privacy statement at

Where will Veritas Australia store or process personal data?

Like Veritas Singapore, Veritas Australia is part of the Veritas global company, with employees and offices around the globe. Veritas databases will be primarily located in the US, but will be accessed by employees and authorized service providers worldwide.

Will Veritas Australia continue to honour contact preferences?

Yes, Veritas Australia will continue to honour individual choices. Customers will continue to receive communications regarding their purchase, such as billing information, responses to support inquiries, product updates and/or bug fixes, and contract administration.

If I have concerns or questions around data privacy, who should I contact?

For any questions concerning privacy, please contact the Veritas Privacy Office as below:

  • Veritas Privacy Program Office
    Post Mail: 2625 Augustine Dr, Santa Clara, CA 95054, U.S.A.
  • Telephone: +1 (866) 837-4827 (U.S.)


Additional questions can be sent where it will be routed to the appropriate Veritas support team.