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Hybrid & Multi-cloud

You need holistic visibility and comprehensive data protection. We ensure your business understands and mitigates the risks of data backup and protection in the cloud.

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Your data is still your responsibility – even in the cloud

Do you understand your responsibilities versus your CSP? Read more to ensure your data is properly managed and protected.

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Test your EULA knowledge

Do you know what’s hiding in your EULA? Take this 5 minute quiz to find out.

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the EULA fine print

Have you read all of your cloud EULA? No? You’re not alone. Here’s why EULAs are an emerging issue for enterprises pursuing hybrid cloud strategies.

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Five dangers
lurking in EULAs

Your cloud EULA probably doesn’t protect you from ransomware, cloud outages or compliance issues. Read more about potential EULA pitfalls.

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Take on hybrid and multi-cloud IT with confidence

Cloud solutions are complex by design. Thrive in complexity by understanding the data management pillars.

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Crafting a hybrid cloud backup strategy

Protecting and recovering cloud-based data is your responsibility, not the cloud vendor. Consider these approaches to protect your data.

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Your digital dependency is growing. And you need to be ready for anything—ransomware, human error or a cloud outage. Veritas helps protect workloads while simplifying protection and recovery.

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Think you’re safe from ransomware attacks?

The risks of falling victim to a ransomware attack are only increasing. Learn how to protect your company.

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Avoiding security vulnerabilities while working at home

Ransomware will cost the global economy $6 trillion by 2021. Take these steps to protect, detect, recover and mitigate threats.

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Best practices for taking on ransomware

The threat of ransomware feels more menacing than ever. Here are data protection approaches to stay ahead of attacks.

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How AI has improved the efficiency in identifying real product issues

Automated testing saves time and meets integration and delivery needs. See how AI and machine learning make development intelligent.

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World Backup Day 2020

Malicious agents are exploiting the current pandemic. Follow these storage and backup best practices to protect your data.

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We are the watchdogs in safeguarding your business against cloud failures, helping you maintain compliance, monitor your data and identify risks before they become problems.

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Protecting SaaS Based Offerings – Why? And How?

Here’s how to back up, recover and restore your data in the cloud to avoid loss and comply with regulations.

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CCPA – Making Sure Your Data Doesn’t Die in the Dark

How do you make sense of “dark data”? Start with gaining insights, visibility into the data and automated classification.

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The benefits of reducing dark data

“Dark data” will generate 6.4M tons of CO2 emissions in 2020. Here’s what business can do to effectively manage data.

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