The challenge

To support 100 businesses, W.T. International wanted to streamline data protection for (virtualized) environments and the latest operating systems.

The solution

The company upgraded to Veritas Backup Exec 2014 to gain new compatibility and unify physical and virtual backups.

The outcome

Enables IT team to streamline backup administration by 50 hours per year, speed up backups for virtual and physical systems by up to 100 percent, enable daily virtual server backups to recover more current data, and save several thousand euro.

Want a deeper dive?

At a glance

Projected 50 hours per year reclaimed by enhanced notification system

100% recovery and 95% backup success rates

Up to 100% faster backups due to enabling recovery of virtual server images and granular files within them from a single-pass backup

Ability to recover more current versions with daily virtual server image backups