The challenge

Decentralized, inefficient, and largely manual backup and recovery processes; Difficulty scaling personalized banking services; Complex and time-consuming auditing and compliance reporting; Inefficient processes allowing staff little time to innovate

The solution

The bank deployed APTARE IT Analytics to automatically monitor backup of 6-8 TB of data nightly and provide status of all backups in real time.

The outcome

The resulting efficiencies cut the hours spent on backup reporting from 40 hours per month to four hours per month and enabled the move to a tapeless backup system. Subsequent savings in terms of time and hardware expenses are anticipated to total nearly $80,000 per year.

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At a glance

Visibility into the backup status of all systems in the environment

Ensured compliance with internal policies and SOX regulations

$60k annual savings in hardware costs through more efficient backup architecture

4 hours per week spent on backup reporting versus 40 hours previously

Products / services used