The challenge

Improve business productivity, through better email and file management, and establish a digital compliance framework.

The solution

TMON deployed Veritas Enterprise Vault to analyze its email usage patterns and provide users with an easy-to-access email archive, while the integrated classification engine uncovers sensitive data and assigns appropriate protection policies. The Mail Classification and Retention and Compliance Accelerator in Enterprise Vault is helping TMON redefine data retention periods according to regulatory guidelines. And with Veritas Data Insight, the company is gaining visibility into its unstructured data environment and, together with the Enterprise Vault͛ File Management feature, establishing data retention policies that align with its data lifecycle.

The outcome

TMON’s integrated data management environment provides the visibility needed to manage data over the entire lifecycle. The company also has a more mature regulatory compliance framework for its sensitive data.

Want a deeper dive?

At a glance

83% reduction in storage footprint due to compression and deduplication

Rigorous regulatory compliance and more complete view of risk landscape

More informed data retention decisions

Increased business productivity through more efficient email management

Products / services used