The challenge

Shanghai Tajima Tools was running all its applications on premises and retained all its sales and engineering data at the same site. That made the company vulnerable to typhoons and other natural disasters. Also, building and maintaining a traditional remote data protection solution was too costly and inefficient.

The solution

The company adopted Veritas NetBackup™ to protect all its key business data by backing it up to the Azure cloud, using Azure Blob Storage as a backup storage target. Local data is uploaded daily over the Internet, and can be rapidly retrieved for recovery purposes using NetBackup.

The outcome

The solution successfully went live within a few days, significantly reducing the risks of data loss, and without any CapEx or hardware cost.

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At a glance

Guaranteed data protection in the event of a natural disaster

Rapid and no CapEx deployment

Reduced cloud storage cost due to seamless integration with Azure Blob cloud storage

Visibility throughout the unstructured environment.

Products / services used