The challenge

Mexican retirement fund administrator Profuturo Group had grown beyond the capacity of its tape-based data protection system. Incremental backups were failing to complete overnight, and slow data restores frequently resulted in fines from the government regulator.

The solution

Profuturo implemented Veritas NetBackup Appliances for short-term data storage. Backups of client information, which the company must keep for 10 years, run through NetBackup CloudCatalyst for deduplication, then NetBackup uploads them automatically to Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud storage.

The outcome

Moving to a Veritas NetBackup Appliance, with long-term data storage in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, has accelerated backups and data recovery, while also dramatically improving efficiency.

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At a glance

98% faster data restores (5 minutes vs. 4 hours previously)

Significant reduction in CONSAR fines for slow data recovery

 Backups complete in 3-hour window vs. previous failure to complete in 12 hours

 1 FTE eliminated when retiring night-shift worker did not need to be replaced

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