The challenge

Porto Itapoá could not afford system downtime. Yet slow backups and lack of coverage for key applications left large gaps in its data protection.

The solution

The port worked with Veritas Professional Services to deploy a Veritas NetBackup Appliance in each of its two data centers. They used Veritas Information Map software to visualize their network and the Veritas Smart Meter service to size the solution.

The outcome

Moving data protection to NetBackup Appliances, with replication between two data centers, minimized the port’s risk of downtime, while substantially accelerating both backups and data restores.

Want a deeper dive?

At a glance

More than 90% of systems now backed up vs. approx. 30% previously

3 times as many systems backed up in the same 12-hour window

Virtual machine (VM) protection now feasible with streamlined backup processes

SAP data now included in backups

Products / services used