The challenge

After the merger of the worlds’ 3rd and 4th largest telecommunication equipment companies Shanghai Bell (formerly Shanghai Bell Alcatel) and Nokia in 2015, the new company needed to migrate Nokia’s Office 365 email from Azure Cloud to a local hosted data center. The volume of the Office 365 email data was too enormous for the local data center, but to meet the local governance requirements, the new company sought an agile solution that was both compliant and supported fast business expansion and improved user experience.

The solution

Nokia Shanghai Bell turned to Veritas for a solution that would allow it to store more than 100 TB of user email data in its local data center, while providing ready access to archived emails.

The outcome

Nokia Shanghai Bell found an economical and efficient way to provide the previous cloud users with the mailbox space they were accustomed to while meeting China’s compliance auditing requirements.

Want a deeper dive?

At a glance

Savings of 17 million yuan (approximately US$2.5M) in maintenance costs over 5 years

Flexible path to manage cold data

Scalability to accommodate future business development

Easy access to and management of archived emails

Products / services used