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The MultiChoice Group requires uninterrupted availability for several key business systems, but the company’s legacy data protection solution posed some challenges. Backups failed, and even when they succeeded, the process was cumbersome. This created concerns about how well the company could weather a ransomware attack.


With the help of IT service provider Datacentrix, MultiChoice conducted a thorough needs assessment and due diligence process to select a new data protection vendor. MultiChoice decided on a consolidated approach for backing up data across its hybrid environment and selected Veritas. Datacentrix designed and deployed an infrastructure in which Veritas NetBackup™ backs up on-premises data to a local NetBackup Flex Appliance and sends data to a Veritas Access Appliance for long-term storage. Meanwhile, cloud-based Veritas Alta™ Data Protection instances enable MultiChoice to protect cloud workloads through streamlined backups and snapshots. All backups—across on-premises appliances and in Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) clouds—are managed through a single pane of glass. MultiChoice also uses Veritas NetBackup™ IT Analytics to monitor its data protection environment and identify anomalies—signs of a potential ransomware attack—as well as to optimize on-premises storage and cloud utilization.


MultiChoice has realized the value and powerful performance of the Veritas portfolio for protecting the company’s hybrid environment. Now, MultiChoice is able to protect twice as many systems as it could using its previous solution, and it is using less infrastructure. Day-to-day management of the data protection environment takes the MultiChoice team about a quarter as long as it used to, and the 100% success rate for data restores gives MultiChoice management confidence that they will be able to recover if they ever experience a ransomware attack.