The challenge

No automated method to report on storage utilization and the resulting charges; 10 hours spent weekly on manual chargeback research; Too difficult to develop automated chargeback system in house

The solution

The healthcare provider commissioned a custom-designed storage use chargeback system based on APTARE Capacity Manager and APTARE Virtualization Manager. The solution automatically generates aggregates chargeback reports without administrator intervention.

The outcome

By commissioning a custom-designed solution based on Veritas APTARE IT Analytics, the company eliminated hours of manual research each week for administrators, while increasing storage utilization and reducing storage consumption across the company.

Want a deeper dive?

At a glance

Streamlined the chargeback reporting process

Improved accuracy of the chargeback reporting process

Reduced manual research work which resulted in a productivity gain of 10 hours per week

Saved $36000 per year in OpEx

Products / services used