The challenge

A large multinational bank needed to streamline compliance reviews of employees’ electronic communications because staff were struggling to keep up with the high review-set volume.

The solution

The compliance team worked closely with Veritas to improve their use of Enterprise Vault Compliance Accelerator, finding more selective hot words and better leveraging advanced features such as Intelligent Review.

The outcome

The firm centralized communication review processes and worked with Veritas to improve efficiency. As a result of these efforts, four bank employees now find 300 percent more risky communications than 60 found previously.

Want a deeper dive?

At a glance

Nightly compliance searches complete by 2 a.m. vs. 8 a.m. previously

56 of 60 compliance-review staff members redirected to more value-added activities

300% increase in number of risky messages identified

Ability to identify compliance issues firmwide and initiate employee re-education where needed

Products / services used