The challenge

INTEC sought an optimal backup solution for its HCI virtual environment, which will be adopted as the integrated infrastructure for its remote-monitoring service. This aim was to reduce the operational load by using a dedicated appliance and to contribute to service quality improvement.

The solution

Using an HA8000V Backup Appliance, with Veritas NetBackup™ built in (JP1/VERITAS NetBackup), INTEC optimized backups of about 300 virtual machines (VMs) in a virtual HCI environment.

The outcome

It has reduced the workload involved in backup operations while significantly improving the quality of service.

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At a glance

Optimized backups in a virtual environment through flexible integration with Hitachi’s hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI)

Ensured availability in the unlikely event of a disaster through support for multiple backup generations

Increased backup speed by eliminating duplicates and executing multiple jobs

Supported rapid restore by combining full data and incremental data backups

Products / services used