The challenge

As Hite Jinro prepared to expand its alcoholic beverage business to serve a global market, its data volume was expanding rapidly. Its legacy backup and recovery solution could not keep up; performance and tech support problems ensued.

The solution

The company looked for a backup solution that was optimized for its virtual environment, and that offered sustainable tech support. Impressed with the data compression, deduplication, and expandability, Hite Jinro deployed a Veritas NetBackup Appliance.

The outcome

Now backups at Hite Jinro complete in less than half as much time as they took before, enabling the company to back up 15TB every day. The appliance minimizes risks of data loss, data leakage, or backup database failure. And tech support is much more robust than with Hite Jinro’s legacy data protection solution.

Want a deeper dive?

At a glance

Backups in less than half as much time

Cost-efficient storage of backup data due to data compression and deduplication

15TB backed up every day with 70% compression rate

Appliance operating system optimized for data security minimizes the risks of data loss and data leakage or backup database failure

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