The challenge

GRC Solutions provides investigation, internal audit, risk, and compliance services to Brazilian businesses. The firm’s compliance and investigation groups must search large volumes of documents for evidence in legal and compliance inquiries. The firm manages an average of 20 TB of data per client. Staff needed a better way to sift through all those files

The solution

The company deployed Veritas™ eDiscovery Platform, with the Processing & Analysis, Review & Production, and Identification & Collection modules. The project’s goals were to accelerate indexing, processing, and review of customer data.

The outcome

The solution’s data indexing and pre-processing analytics accelerate discovery processes, enabling GRC Solutions to respond more quickly to legal and compliance discovery requests. The solution also provides for transparent keyword searches of hundreds of file types, including image, audio, and video files, in multiple languages.

Want a deeper dive?

At a glance

Results delivered to clients 60% faster than before

1 GB of data processed in 1.5 minutes

USD 150000/year savings from improvements in operational efficiency

Increased ability to win new business due to best-in-class technology platform

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