The challenge

Due to a complicated manual data protection process, daily backups were not feasible; sometimes the recovery point objective (RPO) was several months. The company wished to do away with cumbersome operations that involved tape backups. Backup work by assigned staff would continue late into the night; this needed to change.

The solution

A simple and high-speed backup system using NetBackup and the VADP Accelerator.

The outcome

Since adopting NetBackup and the VADP Accelerator, the company has eliminated manual and tape backups to achieve a fully automated, high-speed, and simple data protection operation.

Want a deeper dive?

At a glance

Improved data protection through a large reduction in the RPO for the large-scale virtual infrastructure

Implemented contingency measures and eliminated operational costs by automatically conducting remote backup transfers

Eliminated the graveyard shift for staff through automated backup operations

Products / services used