The challenge

Minsheng’s challenge was threefold: Comply with data retention and protection regulations; protect diverse data residing on disparate platforms and in multiple data centers; meet operational objectives of performance, scalability, efficiency, and cost reduction.

The solution

Minsheng Bank chose Veritas NetBackup™ software, appliances, OpsCenter and Cloud Catalyst to build the NetBackup unified data protection platform covering three data centers in two cities.

The outcome

Backup data is now securely transferred across multiple data centers, compliance requirements are met, and backups are performed successfully. With deduplication, scheduled backup and disk backup, the bank has significantly reduced backup time and improved efficiency. Reporting is much easier, as well.

Want a deeper dive?

At a glance

Backup success rate of up 99.42%

Unified data protection platform covering three datacenters in two cities

Ability to validate organization-wide recovery of the production system database

Significantly reduced backup time and improved operational efficiencies