The challenge

The BORICA IT Services team sought to replace their legacy backup and recovery system with a data protection environment that would allow them to consolidate backups and data archives across numerous critical systems; retire the tape library, but retain the same durability and assurance of recoverability; improve recovery time; and make optimal use of WAN bandwidth between the primary and backup data centers.

The solution

A NetBackup Appliance model 5240, running NetBackup 8, was installed at both data centers. It achieves nearly 4:1 deduplication when replicating between the data centers. With seamless VMware integration, NetBackup provides granular VMware file recovery without an agent, and VMware admins have easy, role-based access.

The outcome

BORICA AD continues to set an example for the Bulgarian payment industry, with a data protection solution that makes it easier to comply with evolving regulations and to retain the trust of its clients.

Want a deeper dive?

At a glance

At least four times faster backups compared to previous solution

 More efficient and easier-to-maintain data protection

 Reduced backup volume due to deduplication

 Synchronous hardware-level data replication between the two datacenters