Veritas NetBackup

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Gartner Magic Quadrant

Veritas named a 15-times Leader in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Center Backup and Recovery Solutions.

Modernizing Data Protection

ESG and Veritas discuss how the right data protection solution today can prepare you for tomorrow's business demands.

A Four-Step Data Protection Plan

A step-by-step approach to ensuring all your workloads are protected efficiently.

Nothing Beats Veritas NetBackup. Don’t Settle for Less.


See how NetBackup 9.1 compares with Cohesity Data Platform 6.6 in the table below
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Zero licensing overhead for multiple backup copies
OpEx-friendly appliances with granular scaling
Independent of third-party software for all workload support
Secured internal clock to block retention vulnerability
VMware Certified Data movement for range of ESXi versions (6.0 to 7.0)
Leverages array and database replication investments
Fiber Channel support for faster data movement
NAS data protection choice of NDMP or Network protocol
Consistently resilient architecture for core and edge
Optional vs. mandated replication to Glacier for all backups

Predictable TCO
with Better ROI

Inclusive disaster recovery (DR) orchestration enables customers to reuse their existing array and database replication investment. Zero third-party dependencies in NetBackup and lower OpEx for Veritas appliances translate into better consolidation ROI.
Why look elsewhere?

Minimal-Risk Choice
with Proven Scale

Veritas is the choice of 15 of the 15 largest telecom, 20 of the 20 largest healthcare and 10 of the 10 largest pharmaceutical companies and now offers the ability to scale up and scale out.
Why not go with the least-possible risk choice?

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Used by 10 out of the world's top 10 companies, ranked by reputation - Business Insider 2016

"NetBackup is years ahead of the backup solution we were previously using. Backup administration used to be a full-time job with our previous product – with NetBackup, we hardly need to look at it. This means we can invest our time in other projects."

System Administrator,  FedEx Corporation

Beware of Cohesity's "70% TCO Claim"


Today, NetBackup provides our customers an out-of-the-box, modern, easy-to-use experience and lower TCO with advanced functionality our competitors can't touch. Beware of hidden costs resulting from much less functional solutions still in their very infant stages, quality concerns and the data migration challenge realities that exist. These issues tell the real story.

Veritas NetBackup Flex 2 offers advanced, hardware-level security hardening and more comprehensive protection from ransomware than Cohesity, Commvault or Rubrik.

87% of Fortune Global 500 companies choose Veritas.


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