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Insight, visibility, action and control

In healthcare, technology has become an essential part of patient care. EHRs, PACs, and Telemedicine are a few of the technologies relied upon in healthcare. These technologies are critical, and unstructured data growth in healthcare is no different than any other industry.

The Veritas 360 Data Management approach provides insight, protection, and availability, allowing customers to reduce the risks, costs, and burden of storing their ever-increasing amounts of data.

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Managing healthcare data

Mitigate risk and maximize compliance

As the shift to electronic health records (EHRs) sets off a data boom, companies are required to abide by the Affordable Care Act and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).        

Veritas products enable healthcare organizations to control their raw, unstructured, and vulnerable data and make it easily available and secure.

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Evaluate the cloud

Veritas provides the global visibility, centralized management, and mission-critical data protection agencies need to manage data across diverse systems and environments, including the cloud.     

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It's time for a cure

Information management solutions help healthcare organizations sort through the data clutter. They help organizations navigate the complicated regulatory landscape that defines the healthcare industry. Healthcare organizations now understand that Information Governance and Information Availability reduce risk, increase efficiency, save money, and improve healthcare outcomes.

A progressive approach to information management helps healthcare organizations get data under control within the industry's tight regulatory and compliance parameters.

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Leadership in healthcare IT

The new era of electronic healthcare creates a tremendous amount of data. Within this data holds the future of healthcare: clinical protocols and new treatments, patient preferences to encourage engagement, and the quality measure to demonstrate improvement. However, new challenges have emerged that make finding and protecting this data of paramount importance.

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Have a healthy outlook

Realizing reliable healthcare

Healthcare organizations create a massive amount of data, but the right information will save us all. Let Veritas show you how to harness the power of your information.

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