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From email to beyond: meeting the Managing Government Records Directive 2019 deadline – are you ready?

Focusing on file formats and agency needs beyond email

In the United States, the Managing Government Records Directive required all federal agencies to (1) capture all email and file records electronically, and (2) be able to facilitate a transfer of records to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) by the end of 2016. But what about those records and data beyond email? What’s next on your digital migration roadmap to meet the 2019 deadline? Veritas solutions can help agencies achieve directive goals for digital records regardless of file format or location.

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Are you still struggling with email management in the Cloud?

For your agency email management needs, Veritas can help you implement NARA’s Capstone approach in the cloud with Veritas Enterprise Vault:

  • Define records based on content creator or through manual or automated classification for both email and files
  • Utilize automated classification to improve ability to respond to FOIA or congressional requests for information
  • Achieve flexible deployment options on premises or in cloud leveraging a FedRAMP compliant as-a-service solution

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A leader in information management for government

The new era of digital government involves a tremendous amount of data. Within this data lies information insight, that lead to decisions that drive the success of mission goals. Getting to information insights requires governments at all levels to manage their information effectively. Learn how Veritas is the right partner for your information management needs.

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Data solutions for government

Federal and state-level protection for citizen data and services

Veritas empowers government departments to gain better visibility and insight into unstructured data—to control it, store it, and keep citizen services available.

  • From court records to emergency services, state and local agencies store a massive amount of data.
  • On a federal level, the Presidential Directive on Managing Government records is changing how agencies manage that deluge of data.

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Better visibility for smarter action

Veritas provides the tools needed to help state and federal agencies better understand their data, so they can make informed decisions about it, so they can deliver faster, safer services to citizens.

A holistic information governance strategy can help guide decisions about what to keep, what to protect, and what to delete.

  • Automated file classification and analysis tools
  • Enterprise information archiving solutions
  • eDiscovery

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Access to information is key

Both citizens and agencies depend on access to government information for a variety of critical services.

Veritas provides high availability and wide-area disaster recovery technologies that minimize downtime risk and accelerate recovery, enabling agencies to achieve their missions.

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Evaluate the cloud

As agencies consider the benefits of the cloud, smart decision makers favor a phased approach to cloud adoption, which can create significant information-management challenges.

Veritas provides the global visibility, centralized management, and mission-critical data protection agencies need to manage data across diverse systems and environments.

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