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March 2020

Datacenter Magazine: World Backup Day [French language]
Datanami: Crafting a Hybrid Cloud Backup Strategy
eWeek: World Data Backup Day: Be Ready to Rescue Your Enterprise
Forbes: World Backup Day 2020
Global Security Mag: World Backup Day: Don't pay anymore, back up [French language]
InformatiqueNews: What tips for International Data Backup Day? [French language]
Storage Insider: World Backup Day: Be sure to make offline backups [German language]
CIO: Most companies want to run their applications in the cloud [Portuguese language]
TI Inside: 70% of companies want to storage most of their applications in the cloud [Portuguese language]
Lanline: Storage and data analysis - Smart usage [German language]
atmarkIT: What is Cycle Necessary for Ransomware Measures - Takai from Veritas Technologies Speaks [Japanese language]
Mynavi News: Veritas shows ransomware protection based on backup [Japanese language]
Forbes: Avoiding Security Vulnerabilities While Working at Home
MoneyFM 89.3: Technology firms to take the lead in reskilling future workers
NextGov: Don’t Let Data Die in the Dark
EnterpriseZine: Ransomware attack targeted intellectual property - Key countermeasures is to prepare an appropriate backup strategy [Japanese language]
Tech ASCII: What is exactly Veritas’ Enterprise Data Service Platform? – asked product executive and found out its to achieve new values in order to measure ransomware and compliance [Japanese language]
TechTarget: Veritas Enterprise Vault adds cloud-based supervision
CNA938: Singapore Today: Data Management - Value of Data Study
ZDNet: CIO Jury: Artificial intelligence and machine learning an essential part of cybersecurity
Global Security Attack on ransomware at Bouygues Construction [French language]

February 2020

CRN: CEO Outlook 2020
TechRadar Pro: 'Dark data' is costing businesses vast sums
El Economista: Austerity of 4T in technology affected hacking response [Spanish language]
El Economista: Microsoft investment will boost the growth of Azure in Mexico: Veritas [Spanish language]
InfoChannel: Cloud vs on-premise Which is better? [Spanish language]
TechRepublic: Compliance: Veritas tool adds intelligence and analysis to data supervision
Tahawul Tech: Why getting rid of ROT data can help grow your business
LineaEDP: Three steps to avoiding ransomware [Italian language]
Computing: Veritas works for one data: the essence of digitalization, accessible, clean and reliable [Spanish language]
Muy Computer Pro: Veritas Vision Solution Day brings together more than 150 professionals in Madrid [Spanish language]
BCN: Latest Backup Situation in the Cloud Era [Korean language]
Channelwise: Survival of the fittest in 2020…
SME Tech Guru: The increasing importance of data protection in today’s digital economy
Finyear: Finance departments and the benefits of their data [French language]
Data Center Dynamics: Successfully migrating data in a hybrid IT environment
Estadão: Companies need to learn how to manage their data to conform to the LGPD [Portuguese language]
Al Bayan: The technology sector is a "catalyst" to accelerate Dubai's plans [Arabic language]
Channel Africa: The Science Tech Africa: Data Protection Day

January 2020

Cybersecurity 360: 5G technologies for data management: tools for data management and protection [Italian language]
My Business: RIP Windows 7: Businesses urged to take caution as Microsoft cuts support for operating system
MoneyFM 89.3: Whose responsibility is cloud back-up and recovery?
ORGANISATOR: Disaster Recovery Strategy: Five Instructions [German language]
ABC: Why your personal data is worth more than you think [Spanish language]
BiMag: Pascali: Data Protection is not a risk, but an opportunity for business growth [Italian language]
Data Economy: Data Privacy Day 2020. 10 tips from industry experts on safeguarding data
El Economista: Data Protection Day: experts recommend how to protect both businesses and users [Spanish language]
SC Magazine: Data Privacy Day: Gaining and maintaining trust is key for data defenders
Tahawul Tech: Data Protection Day: Top tips and advice from security experts
HyperText Africa: Tomorrow is Data Protection Day, here’s a look back at five of the biggest data breaches this past decade
Intelligent CIO: Veritas expert on Data Protection Day
Datacenter-Magazine: IT infrastructure: what challenges await companies in 2020? [French language]
Gizmodo: How Much Should Tech Pay
Docaufutur: Ransomware: more specialized and more virulent in 2020 [French language]
Funkschau: Statements on the European Data Protection Day [German language]
IT Pro Portal: Quarter of PCs could now be more at risk from ransomware
La Repubblica: Windows 7, now no more support: beware of viruses. How to switch to Windows 10 [Italian language]
InfoChannel: Fin al Soporte a Windows 7 Podría ser Riesgoso [Spanish language]
IT Masters Mag: Adios Windows 7: 25% de las PC serán más vulnerables hoy [Spanish language]
TechTarget – SearchStorage: Enterprise data storage 2019 Products of the Year finalists
Channelwise: The role of data in the new decade
RadioDSI: Daniel de Prezzo, Veritas: The Impact of Regulations on Data Value [French language]
EconomieMatin: IT: what challenges await companies in 2020? [French language]
LANline: Veritas: Increased risk of ransomware attacks against Windows 7 [German language]
BitMat: January 14, 2020: what happens with the end of Windows 7 support? [Italian language]
Datacenter Market: 1 in 4 computers could suffer from ransomware within a few days [Spanish language]
Silicon: 1 in 4 computers will be more at risk from cyber attacks with the end of Windows 7 [Spanish language]
ChannelBiz: Top trends for the Channel 2020 [German language]
Tech Smart: Veritas unpacks ransomware threat in the decade ahead
eWeek: Win 7 Sunset Increases Ransomware Risk: 5 Tips to Secure PC Data
Inova.Jor: Podcast: Como se Preparar para Lei de Proteção de Dados [Portuguese language]
Baguete: Paulo Vendramini Assume Vendas da Veritas [Portuguese language]
CIO México: Un 25% de las empresas en México desean ejecutar la mayoría o todas sus apps en la nube pública [Spanish language]
TechRepublic: How to protect your Windows 7 computers and data after Microsoft cuts off support
Mynavi News: 2020 Predictions : Accelerate to support customer’s DX with data management aligns with technological innovation [Japanese language]
FedTech Magazine: Why Feds Need to Take Ransomware Seriously
Microscope: Channel faces another year of evolution