Veritas™ Appliance AutoSupport Reference Guide

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Product(s): Appliances (7.4.2, 3.2, 1.3)
Platform: Veritas 3340,Veritas 5340,Veritas 5150,Veritas 5250,Veritas 5330,Veritas 5240,Veritas 5230

Configuring Call Home settings

Call Home is enabled by default. This section provides the specific information for the settings and configuration for the Call Home feature.

The available options are provided in the following table.

Table: Call Home options




Enable the Call Home feature


Enable the Call Home proxy server


Enter the Call Home proxy server settings


Enable the Call Home proxy tunneling

email-smtp smtp_account=<smtp_account>

(Optional) Enter the name of the account that is used for authentication to the SMTP server

email-smtp smtp_password=<smtp_password>

(Optional) Enter the password for authentication to the SMTP server

email-smtp smtp_server=<smtp_server>

Enter the SMTP server that is used to send email

email-notification-interval interval=<interval>

Enter the time (in minutes from 1 to 44640) between alert emails that are sent to the administrator. The default value is 1440 minutes.

email-sender-id email_address=<email_address>

Enter an email ID or account for emails that are received from the appliance

email-hardware email_address=<email_address>

Add hardware administrator email accounts

To configure Call Home settings

  1. Log in to the Flex Appliance Shell, and type the following as needed. Press Enter after each string to display the information.
  2. Enable Call Home.

    set alerts callhome

  3. Set the Call Home proxy, proxy server, and proxy tunnel.

    set alerts callhome-proxy

    set alerts callhome-proxy-server

    set alerts callhome-proxy-tunnel

  4. Set the SMTP server.

    set alerts email-smtp smtp_server=<smtp_server>

  5. (Optional) Set the SMTP account and password.

    set alerts email-smtp smtp_account=<smtp_account>

    set alerts email-smtp smtp_password=<smtp_password>

  6. Set the interval in minutes between email notifications.

    set alerts email-notification-interval interval=<interval>

  7. Set the sender and hardware administrator email addresses.

    set alerts email-sender-id email_address=<email_address>

    set alerts email-hardware email_address=<email_address>