Updated August 29, 2019

The following chart identifies by product family, the Veritas Software eligible for coverage (“Eligible Software”) under Veritas Business Critical Services (BCS) at the Premier and Remote Product Specialist level. Purchase of BCS for a specific product family will entitle the purchaser to BCS for all Eligible Software identified below as part of that product family. Unless otherwise noted, all Eligible Software titles will include all available Add-ons, Agents and Options. To obtain support for a suite, unless otherwise noted, support for the individual corresponding product families must be purchased together. Support for Appliances will be covered by the corresponding software product’s Product Family.

Capitalized terms not otherwise defined herein shall have the meanings given in the purchaser’s applicable BCS agreement.

This list of BCS Product Families and Eligible Software may be revised and updated by Veritas from time to time without notice.

Product Family

NetBackup Family


    NetBackup Appliances

    Flex Appliances

   OpsCenter Analytics


eDiscovery Family

   eDiscovery Platform

   eDiscovery Legal Hold Module

   eDiscovery Identification & Collection Module

   eDiscovery Processing & Analysis Module

   eDiscovery Review and Production   Module

   eDiscovery Case Management & Reporting

Access Family


  Access Appliance

InfoScale Family


   InfoScale Availability

   InfoScale Enterprise

   InfoScale Foundation

   InfoScale Operations Manager

   InfoScale Storage

Enterprise Vault Family

   Enterprise Vault

Resiliency Platform Family

   Resiliency Platform

Data Insight Family

  Data Insight

Backup Exec Family

  Backup Exec