Improving performance for Veritas System Recovery 21 (all versions) backups.

Improving performance for Veritas System Recovery 21 (all versions) backups.

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Last Published: 2022-01-12
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How to improve performance when creating backups.  The attached registry (*.reg) files can be used to improve slow performance when creating a recovery point with Veritas System Recovery (VSR) 21 (all versions).

NOTE: These files can not be used with Veritas System Recovery Linux Edition.


VSR 21 has been designed to provide good performance for all users. Typically when a backup is saved locally, such as to an external (i.e. USB) hard drive or to an internal hard drive, different from the drive containing the source volume, performance is very good. Performance issues are more common when the recovery point is being saved to a network destination, such as a NAS device or network share.

The default performance settings set during the installation of VSR are typically recommended.

This article contains a set of registry files that will modify the default performance settings that may improve performance for backups in some environments. For backups to network destinations, it is possible to see improvements of up to 20%. However, every environment is different and these figures are not guaranteed by Veritas.


Double click on the relevant .reg file and confirm that you want to import it into the registry. These files are suitable for both 32 and 64bit operating systems.

File details are as follows:

  • AltPerformance1.reg: Expected to improve backups to network destination by up to 20%. Should not be used for laptops as performance may degrade.
  • AltPerformance2.reg: To be used on single processor machines - performance may be improved by up to 18%. Should not be used for multi-processor machines as performance may degrade.
  • AltPerformance3.reg: This is a combination of the above two registry files. Again, not to be used for laptops. Use when backing up single processor machines to network destination. Performance may be improved by up to 16%.
  • DefaultPerformance.reg: This will return VSR to the default performance settings.

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