Veritas NetBackup Appliance™ Hardware Migration Toolkit

Veritas NetBackup Appliance™ Hardware Migration Toolkit

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Last Published: 2018-08-28
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The Veritas NetBackup Appliance™ Hardware Migration Toolkit makes it easy to perform a simple transition from older NetBackup Appliances to newer ones during hardware refresh cycles and eliminate the cost of services engagement.

With this toolkit, you can migrate the NetBackup configuration, policies, catalogs, and images from a source appliance configured as a master server or master/media server (all-in-one) to a new appliance with the same role with a few steps.


Supported Source Platforms:

NetBackup Appliance 5220 running 2.7.3

Supported Destination Platforms:

NetBackup Appliance 5240 running 2.7.3

Limitations of the toolkit:

  • The destination appliance will assume all aspects of the source appliance’s identity at the end of the migration process.
    • Appliance hostname(s) cannot be changed as part of this procedure on the destination appliance
  • No catalog manipulations are supported (e.g. splits/merge functions)
  • Both source and destination appliances must be running NBA v2.7.3


Before you start the data migration, carefully read all sections in the attached guide to ensure that you understand the necessary information and limitations required to migrate your appliance.

For additional diagnostic and troubleshooting guidance, refer to the following documents:

  • NetBackup 52xx Appliance Initial Configuration Guide
  • NetBackup 5240 Appliance Hardware Installation Guide
  • NetBackup 5240 Appliance Product Description
  • NetBackup Appliance Administrator's Guide
  • NetBackup Appliance Commands Reference Guide
  • NetBackup Appliance Decommissioning and Reconfiguration Guide
  • NetBackup Appliance Upgrade Guide
  • NetBackup Administrator’s Guide, Vol. I
  • NetBackup Administrator’s Guide, Vol. II
  • NetBackup Commands and Reference Guide

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: My 5240 is a newer model that only supports 3.x; how do I use this toolkit?
A: Reimage the machine to 2.7.3, perform the migration, then immediately upgrade to the supported version. Note - until the upgrade is complete, some I/O cards exclusive to 5240 models G-K may not function properly (e.g. iSCSI).

Q: My source appliance is a 5230, can I migrate to a 5240?
A: The Toolkit has not yet been certified for other platforms at this time. Please stay tuned for future updates!

Q: My 5220 Appliance is configured as a media server; can I use this toolkit?
A: The toolkit has not yet been certified for media server-only migrations. Until such certification is complete, the NetBackup Image Migration utility (available in the Appliance Web UI) is available for migrating images from a source pool to a destination pool and can be used to migrate images from your source appliance media server to a new one.

Q: My 5220 is running NBA v3.0, 3.1, or 3.1.1; can I use this toolkit?
A: The toolkit has not yet been certified for other versions above 2.7.3 at this time. We are looking to support 3.0 in the future, but do not intend to certify 3.1 or above as it is not recommended to upgrade a 5220 to these versions due to the performance impacts incurred with the aging hardware platform.

Q: My 5220 is running a software version below v2.7.3 (e.g. 2.7.1,, etc.); can I use this toolkit?
A: No. You must upgrade your 5220 to NBA v2.7.3, as the source and destination appliances must be at the same operating level. As the NetBackup 5240 Appliance minimum operating level (for most models) is 2.7.3, this is the lowest version that is supported.

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