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Last Published: 2017-11-28
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In today's world of expensive business downtime from unplanned interruptions, information unavailability, and scheduled maintenance windows, Veritas is committed to simplifying and improving the support experience for its appliance customers. The Veritas™ AutoSupport service aims to lower the customer total cost of ownership (TCO) through proactive identification of issues, automated support case management, and guided workflow for faster issue resolution for Veritas integrated appliances.
Veritas AutoSupport is a set of infrastructure, process, and systems that enhance the support experience through proactive monitoring of Veritas Appliance hardware and software, as well as providing automated error reporting and support case creation.
The AutoSupport infrastructure within Veritas analyzes the Call Home data from each appliance to provide proactive customer support and incident response for hardware failures thus reducing the need for an administrator to initiate support cases. It also enables Veritas to better understand how customers configure and use appliances, and where improvements would be most beneficial. AutoSupport can also correlate the Call Home data with other site configuration data held by Veritas, for technical support and error analysis. With AutoSupport, Veritas greatly improves the customer support experience.

The following documents provides information on the introduction, configuration, and troubleshooting Veritas AutoSupport on the current available appliance platforms.

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