Backup Exec 16 revision 1142 Feature Pack 1 Release Notes

Backup Exec 16 revision 1142 Feature Pack 1 Release Notes

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Backup Exec 16 revision 1142 Feature Pack 1 Release Notes


Feature Pack 1 (FP1) contains added platform support, critical updates, and enhancements for Backup Exec 16 revision 1142.

Backup Exec 16 (FP1) can be downloaded here 000116034 or under the related documents section.

New features/enhancements are included in this release FP1     (2017-04-11)

-Recovery Ready feature. Validate VM for Recovery operation to validate the recoverability of virtual machines.
-Instant Recovery 2.0 Enhanced resiliency for Instant Recovery of VMware and Hyper-V virtual machines.
-Direct-To-Cloud backup option.
-Global settings to configure the read and write connection to a cloud storage device
-A new Cloud Storage Summary report 
-NetApp ONTAP 9.0
-Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS)
-RedHat Ceph Storage
-Microsoft StorSimple Cloud Gateway Support
-Backup Exec on Azure Marketplace
-vSphere 6.0 U3
-SLES 12 SP2
-CentOS 7.1
-Ubuntu 16.04
-Exchange 2013 CU15 and CU16

For more information on what’s new in Backup Exec 16 FP1 please refer to the updated Readme document that is Available Here.

IMPORTANT Note: If you are upgrading from a previous version of Backup Exec or installing for the first time, please be sure you have the latest Backup Exec 16 installation media with FP1 embedded ( To obtain the latest install media, have your serial number available and go to to download. 

- Administrative privileges are required to install this Feature Pack.

Post requisites
- A full backup is recommended after installing this Feature Pack.
- Remote Agent for Windows Servers will need to be updated after installing this Feature Pack.
- Remote Agent for Linux/Unix/Macintosh Servers (RALUS/RAMS) will need to be updated after installing this Feature Pack.  
- Update SDR media.

Known issues resolved

-Security Vulnerability VTS17-006: Use-After-Free Vulnerability in Multiple Veritas Backup Exec Agents
-ODBC catalog errors with Event Ids 34326 and 34338 are generated in BE 15 FP2 periodically. Some backup sets are not expired. (000099848
-Backup Exec information message displays the wrong number of active jobs when running Live Update. (000115933)
-When viewing the backup sets in the Storage tab and for the storage device an error will apear "Load Failed. The queried backup sets contain two backup sets with the same ID" and the backup sets do not display. (000124679
-Delay in mounting media on RDX device leading to slow backups . (000108273
System State backup fails with error 0xa000fec9 - A failure occurred accessing the Writer metadata. (000125413)
-"Split data stream every" field on Cloud Storage Properties displays 400GB even if it was set to larger than 400GB. (000109413)

-Exchange Public folder Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) backup to tape stays in Updating catalogs status for long time. (000116249)
-Backup Exec Job Engine Service terminates in KERNELBASE.dll when backing up a NDMP server. (000115742)

-"Unable to Insert the JobName" message is displayed while submitting an Oracle Database Restore. (000116042)
-Backup of Oracle Database fails with an error "0xe0001405 - Unknown CORBA exception. Unable to contact the Backup Exec server. Confirm that the Backup Exec Job Engine service is running on the Backup Exec server." (000125223)

-Backup Exec 15: SharePoint 2013 GRT backup fails with 'Unable to query the Team database meta-data'. (000109479

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