In NetBackup 7.7.x, System State restores fail when attempted from synthetic full backups.

In NetBackup 7.7.x, System State restores fail when attempted from synthetic full backups.

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Last Published: 2018-01-29
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Document History:
July 11, 2016: Initial publication
August 23, 2016: Hotfix available, attached to article
January 29, 2018: Resolution info added, hotfix pulled, new EEB info added

When creating a synthetic full backup of a file system, all the recent incremental backups are merged with the most recent full backup to create a new full.  When creating a synthetic full backup of System State, only the most recent backup of System State is collected, even if it is only an incremental backup.  Prior to NetBackup 7.7.1, this was sufficient because System State backups were always full backups.  Starting in NetBackup 7.7.1, incremental backups of System State are no longer full backups as they were in the past.

Because synthetic full backups only use the most recent System State backup and if the System State backup was an incremental backup, the synthetic full backup will be incomplete, even though the backup ended with a Status 0.  This will cause restore failures, including those used for Bare Metal Restore.

This issue affects windows clients backed up with a policy of type MS-Windows at the following versions of NetBackup:

  • 7.7.1
  • 7.7.2
  • 7.7.3

Because System State is at the heart of the issue, policies with the following backup directives are affected:

System State:\
Shadow Copy Components:\

Error Message

Example of the issue:
The synthetic full does not contain any _SharedHardlinkData_ components of System State. The restore job failed with status code 2808 reported.  Here is a portion of the restore progress log: 
15:32:18 ( Found (9) files in (1) images for Restore Job ID
15:32:20 ( Searched (20) files of (9) files for Restore Job ID
15:32:20 (273.001) Restoring from copy 1 of image created 3/28/2016 11:41:34 AM from policy XYZ-BMR-2012
15:32:30 (273.001) INF - Beginning restore from server nbmaster1 to client nbclient2.
15:32:30 (273.001) TAR - System State:\
15:32:32 (273.001) ERR - Aborting restore. System State needs to be restored from FULL backup or as a backup set with FULL first followed by incremental or differential as part of the same job.: System State:\.
15:32:32 (273.001) INF - TAR EXITING WITH STATUS = 0
15:32:32 (273.001) INF - TAR KEPT 0 EXISTING FILES


The formal resolution for this issue (Etrack 3874297) is included in the following release:
  • NetBackup 8.0

NetBackup 8.0 is now generally available.

If an upgrade to a version containing the resolution is not feasible, please contact Veritas technical support, referencing this document and Etrack 3890720 to determine EEB availability for NetBackup 7.7.3.

For prior affected versions, if upgrade is not feasible, the only workaround is to NOT use Synthetic backups for System State.



Etrack : 3874297

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