Unable to edit backup window on calendar based schedule in Java GUI.

Unable to edit backup window on calendar based schedule in Java GUI.

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Last Published: 2016-05-04
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After creating a calendar based schedule in NetBackup 7.7.2 or 7.7.3, the user can edit the backup window via the Java Administrative console but the edits are not saved in the policy. The schedule appears to be changed based on the console window but when reopened the schedule will have reverted back to previous version prior to the edits.

Error Message

No error message is displayed when this occurs. No log messages were found.

However, running nbauditreport will show that the policy was saved, but with no changes detected:

nbumaster01:~ # /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/nbauditreport -ctgy POLICY
TIMESTAMP                USER                                DESCRIPTION
07/08/2016 12:32:06 root@nbumaster01 Policy 'TEST_POLICY_CALENDAR_SCHED' was saved but no changes were detected


When changing a frequency-based schedule, bpjava-susvc runs bpplschedrep and undocumented bpplschedwin commands. However, when changing a calendar-based schedule, only bpplschedrep is run.


Veritas Technologies LLC has acknowledged that the above-mentioned issue (ETrack 3869204) is present in the current version(s) of the product(s) mentioned in this article. Veritas is committed to product quality and satisfied customers. This issue was scheduled to be included in the following release:
  • NetBackup 8.0

When NetBackup 8.0 is released, please access the following link for download and README information:

Please note that Veritas reserves the right to remove any fix from the targeted release if it does not pass quality assurance tests or introduces new risks to overall code stability. Veritas' plans are subject to change and any action taken by you based on the above information or your reliance upon the above information is made at your own risk.
If this issue is experienced with NetBackup 7.7.3, please download and apply the appropriate hotfix attached to this document.

If this issue is experienced with NetBackup 7.7.2, please contact Veritas technical support, referencing this document and Etrack 3869203 to receive an Emergency Engineering Binary (EEB) bundle containing a fix for this issue.

If you are not able to apply the hotfix or EEB, deleting and re-creating the Calendar schedule with the desired window should work.

The Java GUI needs to be exited before installing the EEB. No other NetBackup processes need to be stopped or restarted.

Hotfix information:
Veritas Bug ID: ET 3890255 & 3893300

Version:  NetBackup_7.7.3

Installation Location:  server (ET 3890255), standalone console (ET 3893300)
Installation Instructions: Please follow the EEB Installer instructions available on https://www.veritas.com/docs/000035801

Package Contents:
Please choose the appropriate platform after download:
eebinstaller.3890255.1.hpia64       HP-UX Itanium Installation
eebinstaller.3890255.1.linuxR_x86   RedHat x64 Installation
eebinstaller.3890255.1.linuxS_x86   Suse x64 Installation
eebinstaller.3890255.1.rs6000       AIX Installation
eebinstaller.3890255.1.solaris      Solaris SPARC Installation
eebinstaller.3890255.1.solaris_x86  Solaris x64 Installation
eebinstaller.3890255.1.zlinuxR      Redhat zLinux Installation
eebinstaller.3890255.1.zlinuxS      Suse zLinux Installation
eebinstaller.3890255.1.AMD64.exe    Windows x64 Installation (server)
eebinstaller.3893300.1.AMD64.exe    Windows x64 Installation (standalone console)

773378954 15842223 hpia64/allNB.jar
773378954 15842223 linuxR_x86/allNB.jar
773378954 15842223 linuxS_x86/allNB.jar
773378954 15842223 rs6000/allNB.jar
773378954 15842223 solaris/allNB.jar
773378954 15842223 solaris_x86/allNB.jar
773378954 15842223 zlinuxR/allNB.jar
773378954 15842223 zlinuxS/allNB.jar
773378954 15842223 AMD64/allNB.jar (server)
1041967039 15842223 AMD64/allNB.jar (standalone console)

Recommended service state: Java GUI should be stopped before installing.  No other NetBackup services need to be stopped or restarted.


Etrack : 3869204

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