It takes more than one minute to show a search screen.

It takes more than one minute to show a search screen.

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Last Published: 2014-08-25
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It takes more than one minute to show a search screen of Enterprise Vault.


Enterprise Vault search pages are hosted by Internet Information Service (IIS) as ASP (Active Server Pages) scripts. IIS takes up to about a minute to load related files on the very first access for an ASP page. IIS unloads these items 20 minutes after the last activity of the ASP page. This time (20 minutes) is called "Idle Timeout time".

If the search page is only sparsely used (the page hasn't been accessed longer than 20 minutes), the page will be timeout and be unloaded. As a result, the next access to the search page also takes a minute.


For the very first access to the search page after installation or server startup, it needs about a minute to be shown. This is by design of IIS and isn't avoidable.


The slow response of the search page after Idle Timeout can be workarounded by disabling IIS Application Pool's Idle Timeout.

To disable Idle Timeout, refer to Microsoft's Knowledge Base cc737829 and unselect Shutdown worker processes after being idle for check box from EnterpriseVaultAppPool application pool on the Enterprise Vault server.


Microsoft KB: Configuring Worker Processes for Idle Timeout.

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