The BackupExec Management Service was unable to start error when opening admin console

The BackupExec Management Service was unable to start error when opening admin console

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Last Published: 2018-05-17
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After installing Backup Exec 2012, an attempt to open the BackupExec admin console fails with error.

Checking the services list at the time shows that they are all running, however, the Application event log also contains an Event ID 0 message: "BackupExec Management Service startup in EXCEPTION mode"

Error Message

Could not connect to server <mediaserver>. Check that the server name and login credentials were entered correctly and that BackupExec services are running on the server.

The BackupExec Management Service was unable to start.


This issue is known to be caused by a corruption in the configuration of .NET framework on the server itself and is not specifically a Backup Exec issue. Veritas identified that one or more of the MACHINE.CONFIG files present on the system may contain and invalid/extra <DbProviderFactories/> .xml tags. Although this may not be the only invalid or corrupt information.


Please review the Microsoft KB artticle called "Error message when you start Microsoft FRx Report Manager: “Could not Load File or Assembly 'System.EnterpriseServices.Wrapper.dll' or one of its dependencies" and repair the .NET installation. At the time of writing this article was available here : If needed contact Microsoft for more information on this issue.


Search the C: drive of the affected server for all instances of MACHINE.CONFIG and attempt to identify the invalid/extra entry for the <DbProviderFactories/> tag. If found take a copy of the MACHINE.CONFIG file in question as a precaution and then remove the offending entry from the file and reboot the server.


Etrack : 2783469

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