Exchange 2010 GRT restore fails with rai error = 6

Exchange 2010 GRT restore fails with rai error = 6

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Last Published: 2013-11-20
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When restoring from an Exchange 2010 GRT backup in Netbackup 7.0 and later, get "rai error = 6" in the detailed status of the job and cannot connect to the hardware load balancer/CAS Array

Error Message

From the View Status in the Backup, Archive and Restore:

Error bpbrm (pid=4046) from client <cas array name>: ERR - unable to create object for restore: \\dagname\Microsoft Information Store\Mail Store\Database\User, name [nuser], rai error = 6
Error bpbrm (pid=4046) client restore EXIT STATUS 5: the restore failed to recover the requested files

From the detailed status of the job in the Activity Monitor:

Error bpbrm (pid=4046) cannot connect to <cas array name>, Operation now in progress (150)
Error bpbrm (pid=4046) client restore EXIT STATUS 58: can't connect to client


Netbackup communication daemon (bpcd) cannot communicate through the CAS Array. The CAS Array is supposed to redirect traffic to the appropriate CAS server, but it uses its own IP address. That IP address cannot communicate through Netbackup.


How do I know if my Exchange 2010 environment is referencing a load balancer name or CAS array?

From the Exchange server, open the Exchange Power Shell and run, "get-mailboxdatabase | fl"
Check the rpcClientAccessServer entry - the entry here will be the load balancer name (aka CAS Array) you will need.

Microsoft Exchange 2010 Management Shell Cmdlet reference:



1. Install the same version of Netbackup that is used on the Exchange 2010 mailbox server(s) on each CAS node.

2. Change the Netbackup Client and Netbackup Legacy Client Services so that they are running as the same administrative account used to backup Exchange.

3. Install Client and Server for NFS on each node of the CAS servers, disable the Server for NFS service.

4. Open command and run "sc qc portmap". Verify that the Portmaper service is set to Autostart not Demand Start. If it is not at Autostart run the following command, "sc config portmap start= auto".

5. Update hosts files on the master and media server to point the CAS Array to a physical CAS Server (select only 1 CAS server):

<IP address of CAS server>       <CAS_short_name>       <CAS_FQDN>        <CAS_Array_Name>

6. From the master server, run "bptestbpcd –client CASArrayName" (from usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd or install_path\veritas\netbackup\bin\admincmd directory) – if this fails then run "bpclntcmd –clear_host_cache" (from the netbackup\bin directory) and rerun the bptestbpcd command. If that fails again, ensure communication ports are opened for Netbackup to communicate to the CAS servers.

7. Run another restore – ensure the source and destination clients in the Backup, Archive and Restore are the same name used to backup your Exchange 2010 environment. If the destination client is grayed out, run the restore from the master or media server.


Applies To

Exchange 2010 Granular backups using Netbackup 7.0 and higher

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