patchadd of 145451-01 fails with "vcsmm modunload failed"

patchadd of 145451-01 fails with "vcsmm modunload failed"

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Last Published: 2012-03-05
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patchadd of 145451-01,145451-03  fails with "vcsmm modunload failed".  This is because vcsmm could be stopped even when there are dependent services still running.

Error Message

Checking installed patches...
Executing prepatch script...
patchadd:preinstall: vcsmm successfully unconfigured
can't unload the module: Device busy
patchadd:preinstall: vcsmm modunload failed. vcsmm (227) is still loaded
The prepatch script exited with return code 1.



This issue has been verified with the train SxRT-5.1SP1-2010-05-05b. Now the
check has been enabled in such a way that while stopping the vcsmm if
some of the dependent services are not closed then it will not allow to stop
the vcsmm with the Device busy message as below:

# /etc/init.d/vcsmm stop
Stopping VCSMM
VCS RAC vcsmmconfig ERROR V-10-2-7 Unconfiguration failed:Device busy


# /lib/svc/method/vcsmm stop
Stopping VCSMM
VCS RAC vcsmmconfig ERROR V-10-2-7 Unconfiguration failed:Device busy

Running gabconfig -a and crs_ctl reports VCSMM in use.
# crs_stat -t

Name           Type           Target    State     Host
ora.dtrac.db   application    ONLINE    ONLINE    vcssx008
ora....c1.inst application    ONLINE    ONLINE    vcssx007
ora....c2.inst application    ONLINE    ONLINE    vcssx008




The requirement is to ensure that no application process accesses the modules ( of interest here is vcsmm) causing them to be busy and fail to unload.

One way of enforcing the requirement is by causing the modules to not load on a boot.  This can be accomplished by  disabling the corresponding service via Service Management Facility (SMF).

# svcadm disable lmx

#svcadm disable vcsmm

#shutdown -i6 -g0 -y

On bootup the vcsmm/lmx modules would not be loaded and the patchadd should  succeed.

“It is to be noted that “svcadm disable lmx”  “svcadm disable vcsmm” is the preferred method to disable the modules from loading. Please note that the modules , upon reboot, will be loaded initially during the boot cycle ( due to the presence of the entries in /etc/name_to_major ;  but are disabled later (when SMF kicks in ) .


grep -i vcsmm /var/adm/messages

Mar  2 14:21:00 hostname vcsmm: [ID 162524 kern.notice] VCSMM INFO: VCSMM (5.1SP1) Available

Mar  2 14:24:27 hostname vcsmm: [ID 103692 kern.notice] VCSMM INFO: VCSMM (5.1SP1) Unavailable



In the above instance it took nearly 3 minutes from the initial load to the subsequent unload of the module – this time may vary in different environments. Thus it is recommended that the unavailability of the modules are checked ( by grepping the messages file as noted above ) prior to continuing further with any activity.”


Note:  Since "svcadm disable" is persistent across reboot ; please run  the corresponding "svcadm enable lmx" and "svcadm enable vcsmm" after patch install so the modules will load on subsequent reboots.

Applies To

Solaris 10 SFRAC 5.1SP1

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