STATUS CODE 25: Backup jobs fail with Status 25 "cannot connect on socket".

STATUS CODE 25: Backup jobs fail with Status 25 "cannot connect on socket".

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Modified: 2010-01-06
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STATUS CODE 25: Backup jobs fail with Status 25 "cannot connect on socket".

Error Message

error connecting to oprd
cannot connect to VMD(70)
network protocol error(39)
cannot connect on socket


Backup jobs fail with Status 25 "cannotconnect on socket". Connection errors are also seen when clicking items in theAdministration Console.

When clicking "Devices" in the console, thefollowing error may be seen:
Error connecting tooprd on <servername>: cannot connect to VMD(70)

Whenclicking "Media" in the console, the following error may beseen:
Error connecting to oprd on<servername>: network protocolerror(39)

Reviewing the log fileswill reveal more specific details on the connection errorsexperienced.  This group of symptoms has been seen in cases where thedefault port ranges have been changed on a master or media server to a much moreconstricted setting, causing Veritas NetBackup (tm) to run out of ports touse.  

For example, the default "Server Port Window" is from 1025 to5000.  If this port window were to be changed to a value from 1025 to 1125,this sort of problem can be seen.  Investigate the port range settings onNetBackup master and media servers, starting with the masterserver.  

To view the port range settings on a NetBackupserver:

1. Launch the NetBackupAdministration Console and connect to the master server
2. Expand Host Propertiesin the left pane and click Master Server or Media Server
3. Double click the actual nameof the desired server in the right pane
4. In the ServerProperties window, click Port Ranges and view all port range settings

Figure 1 notes the default port settings, as seen on amaster server.


MediaServer Log Files:  
13:10:27.432 [14832.14532] <16>emmlib_initializeEx: (-) Failed to resolve EMM server reference implies that EMMcould not be initialized via the PBX component

03:55:58.955 [3028.3024] <16>ConnectToServerInterface: failed to connect to desired interface in jobmanager
03:55:58.955 [3028.3024]<16> initializeJmComm: RequestMultipleResources : ConnectToServerInterfaceon server [servername] fails[25]

19:30:08.686 [11696.11652]<16> emmlib_initializeEx: (-) Failed to resolve EMM serverreference
19:30:13.686 [11696.11652]<16> db_getSTUNIT: (-) TranslatingEMM_ERROR_CorbaResolveReference(3000005) to 25 in the NetBackupcontext
19:30:13.686 [11696.11652]<16> db_getSTUNIT: error (25) initializing EMMinterface.

19:30:13.749[11696.11652] <2> db_error_add_to_file: dberrorq.c:midnite =1132898400
19:30:13.749 [11696.11652]<16> setup_twin_parameters: db_getSTUNITlist() failed: cannot connect onsocket (25), cannot continue with copy1

If port ranges have beenconstricted for any servers, change the port range settings to a more flexiblerange, or click the "Defaults" button to recall the default port settings inNetBackup.  Click Ok.  It may be necessary to stop and restartNetBackup services on the server for the changes to takeeffect.  

For further information on configuring NetBackup portrange settings, refer to the VERITAS NetBackup (tm) 6.0 System Administrator'sGuide for Windows, Volume 1 (referenced below)

Note: When changingport range settings for a NetBackup server, ensure that firewalls allowcommunication on the ports that are designated for NetBackup to use.  Ifport ranges are increased within NetBackup, but the network configuration doesnot allow the use of those ports, errors will continue tooccur.

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