Backup job stays in "Active: Discovering Resources"

Backup job stays in "Active: Discovering Resources"

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Last Published: 2020-04-06
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Backup job stays in  "Active: Discovering Resources".



The port scanning application may block connection between Backup Exec server and  the Backup Exec remote agent server in some scenarios causing this hang.



This Issue is fixed in Backup Exec 21, upgrade Backup Exec to version 21.

Steps to download the Backup Exec Licenses and Installation Files within VEMS



On the Backup Exec server, open command prompt and check on which IP  the Backup <backup exec server:>6101 is connected to.

Netstat -ab | find "6101"

TCP CLOSE_WAIT is the Backup Exec Server. 6101 is the agent browse process for Backup Exec is the port scanning application server IP connecting to the Backup Exec server.
Ensure the port scanning software is not scanning or connecting to Backup Exec server IP on 6101.


Additionally, use the same procedure above to check the Backup Exec remote agent server if the job appears to be hung backing up a remote server.


Note: Refer Port scan software or firewall software vendor documentation to accomplish the above. The BE server windows firewall can also be setup to reject incoming connection from this port scanning server IP to BE server IP:6101.  ( Example -  ------> )

Restart the BE services after making the change and run the backup job.

Product versions

Backup Exec 16, Backup Exec 20.x


Etrack : 3983664

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