Enterprise Vault Domino Archiving task fails with Event ID 41163

Enterprise Vault Domino Archiving task fails with Event ID 41163

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Last Published: 2015-09-02
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Enterprise Vault Domino Archiving task fails with the Event ID 41163 about "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"

The exception does not allow the shortcut creation to complete, therefore the items are rolled back to normal items and marked with 'EV_Flag=ArchivedButNotShortucut'; Items are ignored by future Enterprise Vault Domino Archiving tasks.

Error Message

This is the Event ID 41163:

There was an error processing an item in a mailbox. The task will process the item again on the next archiving run.

Task: Domino Mailbox Archiving Task
Mailbox: Mailbox: 'DOMINO/DOMAIN!!mail\tuser1'-CN=Test User1/O=DOMAIN@DOMAIN
NoteID: 1234a
Subject: <subject of the item failing>
Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Trace:    at KVS.EnterpriseVault.LotusDomino.Common.DominoShortcut.GetAttachmentsList(DomNote note, String rootID, String savesetID, LotusDominoMailboxPolicy policy, Boolean bSuppressLinks, List`1 mimeBlobList, List`1 mimeOrigAttachList)
   at KVS.EnterpriseVault.LotusDomino.Common.DominoShortcut.Create(DomNote note, String archiveId, String rootId, String defaultRetCat, LotusDominoMailboxPolicy policy, String sNoteUNID)
   at LotusDominoMailboxArchivingTask.QItemBase.PostProcessItem()
   at LotusDominoMailboxArchivingTask.QItemPending.Process()

Dtrace shows:

(EvLotusDominoArchivingTask) <16928> EV-L {DominoShortcut. GenerateAltFilename} Entry for name [C:\temp\attachment.txt]
(EvLotusDominoArchivingTask) <16928> EV-L {DominoShortcut. GenerateAltFilename} Unable to generate alt name
(EvLotusDominoArchivingTask) <16928> EV-L {DominoShortcut. SortMIMEAttachments} Searching for name [attachment.txt]
(EvLotusDominoArchivingTask) <16928> EV-L {DominoShortcut. SortMIMEAttachments} No match - trying alt name search
(EvLotusDominoArchivingTask) <16928> EV-L {DominoShortcut. SortMIMEAttachments} Unable to locate attachment [attachment.txt]
(EvLotusDominoArchivingTask) <16928> EV-H {DominoShortcut. GetAttachmentsList}  Exception: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
. Info: Diag: Type:System.NullReferenceException...


Exceptions occur when the items have a $FILE attribute containing the file name and the complete path (such as c:\temp\attachment.txt) or more specifically containing reserved characters not allowed by the file naming convention.

Here are some examples of reservered characters:
  • < (less than)
  • < (less than)
  • > (greater than)
  • : (colon)
  • " (double quote)
  • / (forward slash)
  • \ (backslash)
  • | (vertical bar or pipe)
  • ? (question mark)
  • * (asterisk)


This issue has been addressed in the following release:

Enterprise Vault 11.0.1 Cumulative Hotfix 3 Release

Enterprise Vault 12
The following link contains information about Enterprise Vault 12
Note: For information on how to obtain Enterprise Vault 12 see: How to obtain the license key and installation download for Veritas products

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