Backup Exec 2014 revision 1786 Service Pack 2 Release notes

Backup Exec 2014 revision 1786 Service Pack 2 Release notes

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Backup Exec 2014 revision 1786 Service Pack 2 Release notes 


This Service Pack (SP2) contains added platform support, critical updates, and enhancements for Backup Exec 2014 revision 1786.


Service Pack 2 (SP2) is also a roll-up of the following Backup Exec 2014 revision 1786 hotfixes:

Service Pack 1 (SP1)
Hotfix # : (225092)


Backup Exec 2014 Service Pack 2 (SP2) can be downloaded here ( 000023641 ) or under the related documents section.


New features/enhancements are included in this release

  • Oracle 12c for Windows and Linux
  • Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL) 7.0
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7.0
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6.6
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 12
  • Open Enterprise Server (OES) 11 SP2
  • Exchange 2013 CU6
  • SQL Server 2008 R2 SP3
  • SQL Server 2008 SP4
  • Windows 2012 R2 and 8.1 November update
  • NDMP Hitachi FOS 5.x



For more information on what’s new in Backup Exec 2014 SP2 please refer to the updated Readme document that is Available Here.

The Backup Exec Administrator's Guide has been updated to reflect changes introduced in this service pack. For this service pack, updates were made to the section on Simplified Disaster Recovery.


IMPORTANT Note: If you are upgrading from a previous version of Backup Exec or installing for the first time, please be sure you have the latest Backup Exec 2014 installation media with SP2 embedded (the downloaded file will have SP2 in the filename). To obtain the latest install media, have your serial number available and go to  MyVeritas portal (See )  to download. The Backup Exec 2014 SP2 embedded media will be available in 5-7 days after the initial release of the service pack


- Administrative privileges are required to install this Service Pack.

Post requisites
- A full backup is recommended after installing this Service Pack.
- Remote Agent for Windows Servers will need to be updated after installing this Service Pack.
- Remote Agent for Linux/Unix/Macintosh Servers (RALUS/RAMS) will need to be updated after installing this Service Pack.  
- Update SDR media.

Note: Please refer to the Backup Exec 2014 Readme for Important SDR information. Available Here.



Known issues resolved


-During a backup of virtual machines the Backup Exec Remote Agent may crash. 000021684
-Restore of VMware virtual machine may fail with "0xe000957e - Unable to create the new virtual machine". 000018044

-Backup Exec (Beserver.exe) service is terminates after installing Backup Exec 2014 SP1. (000023746)



-On a CAS-MMS platform Garbage characters are observed on the CAS UI. 000023798
-Changing the Backup Exec job log location on a Central Administration Server will not change the job log location for the Managed Media Server servers. 000014261
-After service restart, an erroneous offline and shared dedupe folder may populate in the Central Admin Server Administration Console.000022054



-VSS failures after upgrading to Backup Exec 2014. 000023393
-When deleting a job from job history its associated job log is not deleted. (000095015)
-Backup Sets not available to restore even though the catalog files exists inside the Backup Exec's Catalog Folder. 000023014
-Subsequent jobs directed to a Library partition stay in queued state if the first job does not find a media to backup. 000021492
-Backup Job stalls but completes after a long time. 000020602
-When expanding media sets in the Backup Exec 2012 console a "Query Failed" error is generated. 000019827
-Backup Exec Remote Agent (beremote.exe) Service crash on Backup server. 000021871
-Media Server disk becomes full after re-naming a Backup Exec 2014 media server in a workgroup. 000023422
-"The server has received incorrect or invalid data." appears when trying to delete a cleaning media from Offline Tape Media. 000023067
-Full synthetic jobs to the dedup folder stay in "Active:Loading Media - Backup" state and "byte count" freezes when the jobs are started concurrently at about the same time. 000023900
-Backup Exec Job Engine crash after installing SP1. 000023750
-Job definition for a multi-server job is deleted when removing a server from Backup Exec. 000023179
-File Server backup job fails with error “0xe00084af – The directory or file was not found". 000021938
-The option to configure auto response time on alerts reported by Export/Import operations in Backup Exec is not available. (000039494)
-Remote agent push installation fails with error: The install failed with an unexpected error:StartIndex cannot be less than Zero. 000022737
-Backup jobs in Backup Exec 2014 go into a queued state for an extended period of time. 000023662
-Redirected restore job restores data to incorrect folder. 000022879
-Job Log and Job History for a "Test Run" Job is saved with the same name. 000019922
-Removing all existing "Barcode Rules" in the Backup Exec settings causes different errors. 000023363
-A wrong version message is shown in job logs after installing Backup Exec 2014 SP1. 000023588
-The second backup job to robotic library remains in queued status until overwritable media is inserted in standalone tape drive for it's active job.000022784
-BEUTILITY Database operations fail with an error "Failed to start the SQL service on ServerName". 000023181
-No tiles on Start screen are displayed after manual disaster recovery on remote Windows 2012 server. 000019303
-Backup Exec diagnostic application (Bediag.exe) takes more than 20 minutes to complete on remote server. 000022987
-Backup Exec 2014 Custom report for media group does not list offline tape media. 000022800
-Completed reports "save as" option saves the same report data for two different unique reports. 000023639
-Resumed backup job hangs on verify in Backup Exec 2012. 000022105
-To run particular reports in Japanese environment shows "Unable to Run Report" dialog. 000023035
-Catalog Job Fails for Shared Disk Storage & Shared Deduplication Disk Storage. -"Licensed Used" shows '0' even though a valid License is installed and backup has been run. 000023134
-Error: e0009413 - An error occurred during the snapshot cleanup, or could not locate a snapped volume from which to back up. -Backup and restore jobs in Backup Exec 2014 go into a queued state for an extended period of time. -Offline volumes are changed to online when Backup Exec Device & Media service starts up. 000022735
-Catalog Search for path and files is not working correctly. -Backup job fails with error "An error occurred creating or accessing " error code 0xE0001203 -"Eject the media after job completes" option is missing when using removable disks (RDX) in Backup Exec 2014. 000022206

-Backup of User shares completes with error "0xe0009413 - An error occurred during the snapshot cleanup". (000022663)



-Backup Sets not available to restore even though the catalog files exists inside the Backup Exec's Catalog Folder. 000023014
-Expired Disk Backup sets are not removed from Backup Exec 2014 console as per Data Lifecycle Management (DLM). 000022053
-Expired backup sets on OST device backed up by Backup Exec 2012 prior to upgrade to BE 2014 are not deleted by DLM. 000024126
-After upgrading to BE 2014 "Modified Date" for RDX media is not updated. 000022888
-CatRebuildIndex.exe now requires the Backup Exec services to be stopped before executing.



-After upgrade to Backup Exec 2014 Enterprise Vault Database backups fail with an error “V-79-57344-33932 - Unable to attach to a resource. Ensure that the selected resource exists and is online, and then try again." 000023186
-The restore of encrypted Enterprise Vault placeholder files fails with corrupt data error. 000020786


-Backup Exec 2014 install setup.exe crashes when run with an account having many group memberships. 000022764
-Backup Exec 2014 installation fails with the error "V-225-206: Connection attempt 1 failed: Specified driver could not be loaded due to system error 126: The specified module could not be found." 000024075



-GRT enabled Backups of Exchange 2010 or 2007 may randomly stop processing and halt with a Loading Media prompt. 000014839
-Backup of an Exchange 2013 CU5 DAG fails with "Cannot extract mailbox messages from the Exchange backup". 000023180
-Exchange DAG backup reports The backup selection was not successfully processed for Granular Recovery Technology. 000022954
-Beremote crashes on faulting module msvcrt.dll on Media server while performing Exchange backups. 000022136



-Granular Recovery Technology backup of Active Directory Virtual Machine completes with exception and GRT Restore not possible. 000021889
-Disk optimization does not work for Guest Virtual machines with Fixed Disk on Windows 2012 R2 Host. 000022853
-Application GRT backups of Virtual machines on a Windows 2012 CSV cluster are marked with exceptions. V-79-40960-38531 - During Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) operations, the necessary boot configuration files could not be loaded. Backups that were enabled for GRT may not be available for restore.



-Domino databases may not be included in a backup. 000023135



-After the upgrade to BE 2014, the spanned NDMP backup jobs to the robotic library fails with an error "Final error: 0xe000810b - Physical Volume Library Drive not found." 000023741
-Inventory \ Catalog job will generate ODBC errors of the NDMP server does not exist.



-Oracle backup sets are not displayed after running inventory and catalog on the storage device. 000022799
-Restore of Oracle Fail Safe database fails with 0xe0000340 or 0xe000846a if Oracle Fail Safe version is 4.1. 000022831
-A memory leak occurs in RALUS when using Oracle agent backup archive logs. 000022816
-Bengine.exe crash intermittently during backup Oracle RAC resources. 000023356
-Oracle (Windows): Backup sets are not displayed when inventory and catalog job is run on storage device.



-Backup Exec 2014 RALUS (Remote Agent for Linux Unix Servers) crashes when browsing ROOT. 000023531
-Installation of 2014 SP1 version of Remote Agent for Linux (RALUS) fails on Debian 7.0. 000023791



-Cannot modify restored SharePoint List items. SharePoint reports the error “Error Exception from HRESULT: 0x80131904". 000019934
-Sharepoint GRT file restore hangs without restoring any data. 000023020
-Full backup of Sharepoint databases fail when SQL Log Shipping is enabled. 000023240
-Restore of SQL, SharePoint, or Enterprise Vault data from a block level Incremental or differential fails with 'error writing file data'. 000021931
-Backup Exec restore view of SharePoint content and services databases components shows size as zero bytes. 000021704
-GRT backups of SharePoint 2013 fails with the error “0xe000031a - Unable to query the team database metadata”. 000022805



-When attempting a backup of a Microsoft SQL Database the Backup Exec Remote Agent terminates on the SQL Server. (000087825)



-Backup Exec Remote Agent service crashes on module ndmpsrvr.dll while performing SDR enabled backup of a 32-bit Windows Server 2003. 000023407






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