Enterprise Vault Event 3419 - Troubleshooting Digest

Enterprise Vault Event 3419 - Troubleshooting Digest

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Last Published: 2014-09-15
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Product(s): Enterprise Vault


Information on resolving the most common problems related to Enterprise Vault (EV) Event ID 3419 / V-437-3419. Event 3419 can occur in Enterprise Vault for several reasons. It is related to an archiving or retrieval task (ArchiveTask, RetrievalTask or JournalTask).

Sample Event Value
Event ID 3419
Category ArchiveTask, RetrievalTask or JournalTask
Description There was a problem accessing an Exchange or later server.  The dispenser will re-queue the current item and sleep for 1 minute(s).


The below list illustrates the most common solutions pertaining to Event 3419.

Error Description Article
Exchange 2010 Mailbox Archiving performance is degraded, producing Event IDs 3419 and 2217 and CAS errors. 000012887
StorageArchive process reports hex code 0x8007000E (MAPI_E_NOT_ENOUGH_MEMORY) 000083304
Enterprise Vault Event log contains event ID 3419 with no associated MAPI error code in the event message. 000014596
Multiple issues archiving and restoring items from Exchange. OWA reports: "Archived item is currently unavailable". 000086203




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