EV SQL Server Move tool

EV SQL Server Move tool

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Modified: 2015-07-28
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When Enterprise Vault databases are moved to a new SQL server, it is necessary to update several pointers to their locations, as described in Step 5 of the How to move the Enterprise Vault (EV) SQL databases KB article. To help speed this process and minimize errors from manual entry, Veritas Technical Support has provided this PowerShell script to perform the updates in Steps 5A-5E of that article in an automated fashion. (Steps 1-4 and 6 still need to be performed by the administrator.)


The attached PowerShell script detects all EV SQL databases that exist in common between a specified source and destination SQL server. It will then update EV's record for each database to point to the destination SQL server.


Run the script from a PowerShell prompt on the EV server as shown:


The script takes the following parameters:

Parameter Alias Description
-SourceSQLServerName -s Specifies the name of the SQL server or instance from which the databases were moved
-DestinationSQLServerName -d Specifies the name of the SQL server or instance to which the databases were moved
-LogDirectory -o Specifies a custom path for the log file (default is the PowerShell working directory)
-IncludeNonstandardDatabaseNames -n Specifies the names of EV databases that are not in the standard naming convention but which should also be moved by the script. Use commas to separate multiple database names.

Note: If the environment contains more than one EV server, then the script should be run on each of them.



Simple command to use when all EV databases have standard names and both SQL servers use the default instance
.\EVSQLServerMove.ps1 -SourceSQLServerName SQL01 -DestinationSQLServerName SQL02

More complex command where SQL servers are using named instances, several nonstandard databases exist, and the log is written to a custom path
.\EVSQLServerMove.ps1 -SourceSQLServerName SQL01\EVdbs -DestinationSQLServerName SQL02\EVinstance -IncludeNonstandardDatabaseNames FirstVaultStore, MyOldMailStore, AncientFilesVault -LogDirectory "C:\temp\SQL Move Logs"

Applies To

The script supports EV 8.0 and above. It requires PowerShell 2.0 or greater on the EV Server.


Use this script if:

  • You have conventionally named EV databases (Vault Store Databases with "EVVS" prefix, Fingerprint databases with "EVVSG" prefix)
  • You want to update all the database locations at the same time
  • Your EV server has PowerShell 2.0 or later installed
  • You have EV databases that do not follow the default naming convention
    • Note: As of version 1.2 of this script, EV databases with nonstandard names can be moved if you specify them using the -IncludeNonstandardDatabaseNames parameter
  • You want to update the database locations in stages, some now and some later
  • Your EV server does not have PowerShell 2.0 or later installed

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