Derived Emails Are Dropped When The Display Name In The "From:" Header Contains More Than One Comma

Derived Emails Are Dropped When The Display Name In The "From:" Header Contains More Than One Comma

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Modified: 2014-12-19
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If an email includes a contained email, for example because an email was forwarded to someone else, Clearwell will fail to create a derived message if the display name of the participant in the "From:" header of the contained email contains two or more commas and the display name is not included inside quotes.

The following is an example of a contained email that Clearwell will fail to create a derived message for: 

-----Original Message-----
From: Person, A, Manager 
Sent: 29 August 2013 21:14
To: Person, D
Subject: Test email
This is test email.

Error Message

When using the participant picker tool in Advanced Search to find all emails involving a particular participant, the search results are not including the derived messages that involve that participant, even though the search option "Search in contained senders and/or recipients" has been selected.


If a display name with two or more commas is enclosed in quotes, for example "Person, A, Manager", Clearwell will correctly identify it as a single participant. Though, in a contained email, the quotes have usually been removed by the email client (e.g. Outlook). Since there are no quotes around the display name, Clearwell is unable to parse the participant display name. The end result is that a derived message is not created for the contained email.

For non-contained emails where the display name contains two or more commas, the sending email system will automatically add the quotes around the display name. This is because the comma is defined in the email standard as a special character. When the display name is inside quotes like this, Clearwell will correctly recognise a single participant. Because the quotes are lost in a contained email however, Clearwell has to implement custom parsing to parse the participant name(s). This custom parsing currently interprets one comma as being part of the same participant, but cannot currently handle two or more commas being present in the display name.



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JIRA : ESA-32398

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