The index volume has been marked as failed - Event ID 7292.

The index volume has been marked as failed - Event ID 7292.

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Last Published: 2014-08-20
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Some index volumes are marked as failed and the error Event ID 7292 appear in Event Viewer. In addition, other errors regarding the Index Server may appear in Event Viewer, as event ID 7264 and event ID 7235.

Note: This article is applicable to Enterprise Vault 9.0.x versions and before. For indexing issues related to Enterprise Vault 10.0.x and above, refer to the following article:

Troubleshooting and monitoring index tasks

Error Message

Source: Enterprise Vault
Event ID: 7292
Task Category: Index Server
The index volume has been marked as failed.
Reference: Open
Due to errors accessing the index volume it has been marked as 'failed' to prevent further errors.  The index volume will remain inaccessible until it has been repaired.


  1. Access to the Enterprise Vault Administration console, right click over Archives and select Index Volumes.
  2. Mark the options "Failed", "Rebuilding" and "Offline", and then click Find. Verify the name of the mailbox with the index volume marked as failed.
  3. Go to the Exchange Mailbox menu under Archives and right click the mailbox previously verified (with the index volume marked as failed) and then select Properties.
  4. Go to the Index Volumes tab and verify the Location of the index in the hard drive.
  5. Go to the Advanced tab and copy the Archive ID that belongs to that mailbox.
  6. Using Windows Explorer, access to the real location of the index in the hard drive, and locate the folder that match the Archive ID copied in the previous step. Right click on that folder and select Rename. At the end of the name, add the parameter _old.
  7. Go back to the Properties of the mailbox in the Enterprise Vault Administration console, to the Index Volumes tab, right click on the Failed status and select Rebuild Index Volume.
  8. To confirm that the rebuilding process is running, go to Event Viewer and search for Event ID 7294, indicating "Starting Index Volume Update". Also go to the Task Manager and you will see a new Index Server.exe process running.
  9. Once the index is successfully rebuild, you will see an Event ID 7316 in Event Viewer, indicating  "Completed index volume update".
  10. Finally, delete the index volume folder including the _old parameter, after verifying that the new index volume folder has been successfully created in the same location.



UMI : V-437-7292 Etrack : 7292

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