Unable to add mail-in database as a Provisioning Group target

Unable to add mail-in database as a Provisioning Group target

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Last Published: 2020-09-16
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Product(s): Enterprise Vault


An error is encountered when attempting to add a mail-in database as a Provisioning Group target.

Error Message

The error shown in the console is:

List error: Unknown Cause


the dtrace of the adminservice process shows following:

{DomView..ctor} Opened DomView for [Mail-In Databases]
{DOMVIEW.EN_US} Exception: Error: View Mail-In Databases does not exist within the database


At least one Notes Address Book (NAB) in use does not have the view [Mail-In Databases] in its template design. Since [Mail-In Databases] is a default view, this problem is most common when a NAB has been customized, corrupted, or otherwise altered from its defaults.


The required view can be reinserted into the database by following these steps:

1. Login to a Domino Server and open the Domino Admin client

2. Connect to the Domino Server where the affected NAB resides

3. Navigate to the affected NAB and select it.

4. On the File menu, select Application > Replace Design

5. In the Replace Application Design window, select the Domino Directory template and replace the design (pubnames.ntf)

6. On the EV server, open the Vault Admin Console and restart the Provisioning Task

7. Retry the addition of the mail-in database to the Provisioning target



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