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Global Cloud Roadshow | 35+ Cities Worldwide

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Join us October 2022 through March 2023

Veritas and Microsoft are bringing together experts from our technical and leadership teams to dig deep into what it means to have a data protection strategy built for the cloud. We are excited to visit over 35 cities worldwide to hold in-person presentations and meetings with our valued customers and partners.

Event Overview

Modern IT infrastructure benefits greatly from the scalability and flexibility of operating in the cloud. But with this increased agility also come some serious challenges—in particular, complexity and costs. The Global Cloud Roadshow sets out to address the following key questions:

  • How can you gain greater control over your data footprint?
  • How can you streamline your data strategy across cloud and on-prem environments?
  • How can you optimize against unsustainable costs while reducing your carbon footprint?
  • How can you ensure recovery from the inevitable cyber-attack?

Learn how to reduce risk, eliminate uncertainty, and maintain control of your cloud data. Join us at one of these exclusive global sessions hosted in Microsoft Technology Centers. 

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Welcome and Introductions

Welcome and introductions provided by Veritas and Microsoft.

Partnering on Complete Cloud Control – Our Cloud Transformation Culture

We will kick-off the day covering how Veritas has significantly invested in our own transformation and our partnership with Microsoft to focus on defining and solving the challenges of enterprise cloud data management. Learn more about Veritas and Microsoft’s approach to solving customer challenges in the cloud, our evolving joint strategy, and your roadmap to success.

Fortifying Your Azure Journey with Cyber Resiliency and Data Protection

Cyber threats have become more sophisticated and are increasing in frequency with more than 19 attacks per second. By deploying a 3-2-1+1 strategy, Veritas will help take you beyond the CISA recommendations and add additional safeguards like immutable and indelible storage, anomaly detection, and malware scanning to keep you as ransomware resilient as possible. During this session we unlock the 6 steps you can implement today to stay Cyber Resilient.

Protecting Your Valuable Microsoft 365 Data with NetBackup SaaS Protection (NSP)

Protect the full range of data stored across Microsoft 365, mailboxes, Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, and the audit log. The biggest threats to data stored in Microsoft 365 are ransomware and accidental (or malicious) deletion by users. During this session, we’ll showcase how you can recover from all data loss scenarios with Veritas NetBackup SaaS Protection giving you security and data residency controls without the requirement to manage it yourself.

Enabling Data Compliance & Governance, Supervision, and Discovery for Microsoft 365

Modern, cloud-based archiving and eDiscovery solutions that integrate seamlessly with Microsoft® 365, offering an essential layer of functionality you need to meet the rigorous business and regulatory demands for preserving data and enabling rapid eDiscovery search and review. During this session, we’ll highlight a powerful set of cloud solutions that meet these challenges head on.

Redefining the Future of Data Management

With the majority of enterprise organizations accelerating their multi-cloud strategies over the past two years and the emergence of the cloud architect and application developer, managing and protecting corporate data with a one size fits all approach has become untenable. Traditional labor-intensive methods are time-consuming, and the emergence of cloud-native tools, while automated, has created complexity, data blind spots, and vulnerabilities to all kinds of cyber attacks. This session will dive into new innovations and key features, including our Veritas Cloud Scale Technology, As a Service consumption, and Autonomous Data Management, and show how they solve for today's and tomorrow’s unique challenges for multi-cloud data management.

Leveraging Your MACC (Microsoft Azure Commitment Agreement) with Veritas and the Azure Marketplace

The Azure Marketplace enables customers like you to accelerate digital transformation by accessing thousands of IT software applications and services built by industry-leading technology companies like Veritas. During this session we will show you how Veritas has made procuring and deploying our software through the marketplace easier and more cost-effective by leveraging your MACC.


Closing statements provided by Veritas and Microsoft.


Join us for the Veritas and Microsoft Global Cloud Roadshow.