A Letter from Bill Coleman


Why Veritas? Why Now?

Bill Coleman

Bill Coleman
Chief Executive Officer

My long-time friend and colleague Eric Schmidt famously stated, there is currently more data produced in two days than was created in aggregate in all of human history through 2003. He said that five years ago. Today, data is only growing even faster in both size and complexity. Protecting that data, ensuring it’s available when needed, and discovering what is important and what can be ignored gets more difficult by the day. That’s one of many reasons why I’m excited about joining Veritas. This is what we were founded on and have continued to innovate for decades. More than ever this is foundational to business success. Other than your team, I truly believe that data is the only asset that matters in the 21st century.

Over the last six months I’ve spent a lot of time already meeting with Veritas customers and will travel the globe to meet many more in my first 90 days. We’ve also surveyed hundreds of CIOs globally and heard from them about Veritas and their greatest challenges. I am so pleased to hear they have a strong affinity for us and our history of innovation and am committed to working to maintain that trust and satisfaction. Our customers are pulling for us and they want us to succeed. Not only because they like us, but also because they need us.

The disaggregation of data across multiple private and public clouds as well as on premises coupled with the exponential growth of data is one of the greatest challenges businesses face today. Veritas has the history, the technology and the innovation to solve these challenges for companies around the globe across all sectors, both public and private.

We are here not only to protect and manage a customer’s data, but also to help them leverage their data for competitive advantage going forward. In speaking to CIOs, they want to make better and quicker business decisions based on their data. They also want to invest in new innovation instead of just spending increasing sums on more hardware. That’s where Veritas comes in by identifying how to save money by more efficiently storing and managing their quickly growing data troves. And all this needs to be done across a very complex, heterogeneous environment. That’s why I believe a software-defined information management platform is needed and key to moving quickly as a business in our data driven world.

As a newly independent private company, we are now able to make these decisions and investments quickly. We can focus on the one thing that keeps us in business and keeps us innovating: our customers. A customer’s data is the most important thing that Veritas is entrusted with. We take this very seriously and this has to be managed very closely. We also believe that there is the need for more capabilities and services to manage and exploit this information in order to enable our customers to meet the challenges of data growth and complexity while gaining competitive advantage from it.

Our major investor is The Carlyle Group. They, along with key board members including Bill Krause, former CEO of 3COM, and David Scott, formerly CEO of 3Par, bring us significant business, market and financial acumen. As a private company, we will attack new and adjacent markets with strategic and sustained investments. The short-term dynamics of public companies can slow innovation and create more short-term thinking. As an independent company we are now able to plan and build strategies for the long-term.

While I’m new on the job, I am privileged to have the opportunity to work with an amazingly talented and passionate team. I absolutely love pursuing markets in the midst of radical transformation, which is my history and which we have the opportunity to do at Veritas over the next five to ten years. That’s where opportunity lies, and where market share can grow. Cloud and Software Defined Storage (SDS) are the key catalysts for this market transformation. Cloud is a huge opportunity for us and we are already serving customers with needs across both Amazon and Microsoft clouds. We are a leader in Archiving-as-a-Services and now a pioneer in Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service. As data continues to proliferate, it also is dispersing. This intensifies the need for information management, which is exactly what Veritas does. In order to address this we are also moving rapidly to lead the migration of our customers to SDS which will give them complete control of all their data wherever it is stored while allowing our customers to dramatically reduce their storage hardware spend. This is why I am excited about Veritas. I am ready to go. The team is ready. To quote our new campaign...It’s Time for Veritas!