Pet Insurance

What Do I Need to Know to Enroll?

You can decide to enroll in Pet Insurance at any time through MetLife.

Veritas has partnered with MetLife to offer Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) to help you handle the costs of caring for your pets in the event of illness or injury.


U.S. Veritas employees that work at least twenty (20) hours per week and are actively at work are eligible to participate in Veritas U.S. Benefit Programs.

Family members ("dependents") are eligible as long as the Veritas employee under his/her own name and makes the payments arrangements.

Note: MetLife and VPI allow only one policy per pet.


Coverage for thousands of medical problems and conditions
A VPI Pet Insurance policy covers an array of medical conditions related to accidental injuries, emergencies, poisonings, and illnesses-- including cancer. You may also add optional vaccination and routine care coverage that helps pay for vaccinations, annual physical exams, heartworm protection, spay/neuter, teeth cleaning, prescriptions, flea control, and more.

Coverage for a wide range of veterinary services
A VPI Pet Insurance policy covers diagnostic tests, prescriptions, office visits, X-rays, treatment, hospitalization, lab fees, and surgeries.

Freedom to choose a vet
With a VPI Pet Insurance policy, you can visit any licensed veterinarian worldwide.

Payment Options

Payment of premiums can be set up as a payroll deduction or automatically deducted from a bank or savings account. Your payments can be spread out over the policy term but in most cases, a down payment may be required. There are no interest charges or service fees for this option. Other billing options are available as well including automatic payment with debit or credit card.


Call toll-free 1 800 GET-MET 8 (1 800 438 6388) for a free insurance review and no-obligation quote. You can apply for coverage over the phone or visit for more information.

File a Claim

Contact 1 800 GET-MET 8 (1 800 438 6388) for claim filling instructions. Fax or mail your completed claim form to VPI.

Leaving the Company

If you leave Veritas for any reason, you'll have the option to continue your coverage without interruption.

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