Wellness Programs

Veritas' mission is to help you take charge of your health and well-being. We offer support and tools for you and your family to be well and live well, so you can meet your physical, emotional, and financial goals.

Employee Assistance Program
Veritas has partnered with Optum to administer the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), which offers confidential and professional counseling services to you and your family at no additional cost. The EAP also offers work and life support services and resources easily accessible online or over the phone. Employees have access to legal, federal tax and financial consultations, retirement planning, life stage kits, and more. If you work at least twenty hours per week, you are eligible to participate in this benefit.

SurgeryPlus is a supplemental benefit at no additional cost that offers higher-quality, a great experience and lower costs for non-emergent surgical procedures.

This voluntary surgical benefit is available to all Anthem health plan members at no additional cost. SurgeryPlus offers high-quality care, a concierge service and financial incentives. When you use SurgeryPlus, you qualify for a cash incentive will reduce financial burden of a qualified surgery to you and your family. This benefit is available to any of your covered family members too.

Seasonal Flu Shots
To help promote its employees’ well-being and maintain a healthy workplace, Veritas offers free flu shots to employees each fall.

Tobacco-free Workplace
Veritas enforces a tobacco-free workplace policy to promote a safer, cleaner, and healthier environment for all employees, contractors, and visitors. We also offer tobacco cessation programs and prescription drugs through our medical plans.

Crossover Health Near Site Clinic (Santa Clara, CA)
Crossover Health is where you can see a doctor, get lab work done, obtain appropriate medication, see an optometrist and get a relaxing massage all in one visit. The health centers are located near our office in Santa Clara and Anthem enrolled employees have access to a broad range of services that are easily and conveniently accessible in person and on-line. The goal is to make it simple to get and stay healthy by providing complete and coordinated health and wellness services close to our office.

Wellness/Fitness Reimbursement 

Fitness and exercise plays a significant role in your overall personal wellness and health. To help you meet your physical goals, Veritas will subsidize up to $450 annually for qualified wellness/fitness expenses (e.g. gym memberships, personal training, and race entry fees)
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