Time Off

Veritas recognizes that individuals need time off from work to recover from illness, handle family emergencies or take care of personal business and time off to celebrate designated holidays without the loss of salary.

Additionally, we encourage employees to take vacation time to "recharge".

Your Time Off (YTO)

This policy currently applies to all U.S. exempt employees.

Your Time Off (YTO) is an innovative way, also used by other companies, to manage expenses and support not only our existing work/life balance initiatives, but also drive positive business results and fit with the way we work. Unlike a formal PTO policy where you accrue a specific number of hours or have an allotted time off balance.

YTO is more about flexibility and balance, and recognizes the way we work today in our increasingly global, mobile world. Your Time Off provides you flexible time off throughout the year with your manager's approval.

Policy and Process

Time off is not earned or accrued under YTO and no time off/vacation balance will be reflected on your paycheck or in Workday. There is no entitlement to a specific number of days off/vacation days per year. Therefore, there is no unused time off or vacation at the end of each year and no carry-over of unused time off to the following year.

Requesting Approval

Under the Your Time Off policy, you may take time off from work for vacation or personal time as reasonably needed and subject to prior e-mail approval by your manager. 

Approval may be granted or denied due to various factors, including, but not limited to:
• The needs of the business
• Your work performance
• Your ability to meet your work commitments and duties

Your Time Off does not limit the time off you take per year, but absences of longer than three (3) consecutive weeks may have an impact on the business and your work commitments and are generally not permitted. If you require an absence greater than three weeks, consider alternative forms of leave rather than Your Time Off, such as a leave of absence.

If your manager denies your time off request, you and your manager should work together to agree on an alternative timeframe for your time off. Please contact Human Resources with any concerns if you are unable to come to an agreement with your manager on your vacation requests or have any other concerns regarding taking time off under the Your Time Off policy.

Please Note: If you are absent for three (3) consecutive days without properly notifying and receiving approval from your manager, this may be considered job abandonment and as a result, we will consider you have voluntarily resigned your position with Veritas.

Recording Time Off

You will not be required to record any of your time off in Workday, with the exception of Annual Days (AD’s) and Volunteer Time Off (VTO). However, your manager may wish to calendar your time off or leave requests in order to reduce conflicts with work deliverables and other team members' time off schedules.

If you are a part of a team that is scheduled through eWFM (eWorkForce Management), there may also be stipulations on maximum allowable staff unavailable in order to maintain service level agreements. In these cases, please consult with your manager and an eWFM Analyst that supports your team.

Annual Days: Leaves of Absence and Paid Sick Leave

Exempt employees under Your Time Off will receive a number of paid Annual Days based on years of service to be used for sick time or as part of a qualified leave of absence. Annual Days are replenished at the beginning of every year. The number of AD’s available to you will depend on your years of service and will increase accordingly in your anniversary month:

Years of Service

Annual Days (ADs)

Less than 2 years


2 to 4 years


4 to 6 years


After 6 years


Because Annual Days are ONLY for the use of sick time or other qualified statutory leaves, they are not considered accrued time off and are therefore not carried over from year to year or paid out upon termination under the previous PTO system. Annual Days cannot be used for vacation or personal time off. Your Time Off does not impact these Annual Days.

Paid Time Off (PTO)

PTO is accrued semi-monthly -- beginning with an employee's date of employment -- and is based on the employee's length of service with Veritas. For full-time employees, PTO is accrued at the following rates:

Years of Service

Annual Days

Annual Hours

Less than one year



One to two years



Two to three years



Three to four years



Four to five years



After five years



Employees working less than 40 hours per week will accrue PTO on a pro-rated basis based on the standard hours worked per week. This policy currently applies to only U.S. non-exempt employees.

Volunteer Time Off (VTO)

Veritas strives to create positive social impact around the globe and our culture is defined through action – investing in employee volunteerism is just one way to deepen this commitment. Volunteer Time Off (VTO) allows employees around the world to take up to five (5) days off annually to volunteer in activities that support Veritas’ corporate responsibility initiatives. These days can be taken in full-day or half-day increments to allow employees to participate in volunteer activities during regular working hours.

Public Holidays

2019 U.S. Holiday Schedule

Holiday Date Day Notes
New Year's Day  January 1, 2019 Tuesday  
Martin Luther King Jr. Day January 21, 2019 Monday  
President's Day February 18, 2019 Monday  
Memorial Day May 27, 2019 Monday  
Independence Day  July 4, 2019 Thursday  
Labor Day September 2, 2019 Monday  
Thanksgiving Day November 28-29, 2019 Thursday & Friday  
Christmas Eve December 24, 2019 Tuesday  
Christmas Day December 25, 2019 Wednesday  
YEB Holiday December 26, 2019 Thursday  
New Year's Eve December 31, 2019 Tuesday  



Year-End Break

Veritas initiates an annual year-end break subject to local law and business need. In countries in which the break is required, our shutdown week coincides with the year-end breaks of many other companies and schools. Since many others are off work as well, there will be fewer emails and less work upon return, making it easier for our employees to truly relax with family and friends.

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